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Recently elected pro-abortion governors in New York and Nevada have received a Catholic Mass in their honor. Once again, pro-life Catholics are mad as hornets, but it’s their Church hierarchy that permits local Bishops to give communion to those who violate Canon Law and promote the killing of the unborn.

Keep in mind, the Church has never excommunicated the likes of Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, et al for promoting abortion on demand and partial-birth abortion, which is infanticide.

So why should any person of conscience take seriously the Church’s teaching on the life and dignity of the unborn whenever its Bishops give Communion to prominent politicians who clearly violate its precepts?

The bottom line is Catholics run the Supreme Court, the Congress, and lead the Democrat Party—the Party of Abortion; therefore, logic would suggest that if it were not for Catholics, the mass killing of unborn babies would cease.

Unless Catholics address their hierarchy’s blatant hypocrisy, the Church’s campaigns and marches for the rights of the unborn should be viewed merely as lip service to stay relevant in political discourse and nothing more.    

I.M. Kane

For more on the story see, Pro-Abortion New York and Nevada Governors Get Catholic Mass by Steven Ertelt.

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