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“Birds were roosting and someone shot some fireworks off and stressed the birds to the point to where they actually died.”Keith Stephens, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Estimates of up to 5,000 redwing black birds dropped dead over Beebe, Arkansas, on New Years Eve. The state’s Livestock and Poultry Commission theorized the birds may have died from “lightning or high-altitude hail.” And the brightest bulb in the pack Keith Stephens from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission suggested that New Year’s Eve fireworks caused the birds so much stress they suffered heart attacks.

CNN’s investigative team grills Stephens in the 3:28 video below. The would-be Pulitzer Prize, eye-candy reporterets offer many insightful, penetrating questions during the interview. Must viewing for all journalism majors.

Oh, what hard luck stories they all hand me …

Blackbird bye bye.

I.M. Kane

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CNN: Mysterious Bird and Fish Deaths in Arkansas 3:28 Video

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