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I would like to wish the American remnant who have worked so arduously toward restoring this nation to its Christian heritage under the founding principles of its Constitution a most happy and prosperous New Year … but I can’t; so I won’t.

Although happiness and prosperity certainly await the subjects of the King of Babylon and the servants of Babylon the Great, the New Year holds only persecution and suffering for the remnant whose allegiance is to the United States of America.

The bill that allows homosexuals to serve openly in the military, which was drafted and championed by the blasphemous Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman who says he’s a Jew, but is not, but is of the synagogue of Satan, and was recently made law by the King of Babylon’s signature, has destroyed whatever vestiges of hope that remained for the restoration of America.

Rather than heed the Spirit that inspired the American Revolution, the remnant chose instead to take their marching orders from the front men of organizations that bankrolled Tea Party movements nationwide and missed their only chance to stop the rise of Babylon the Great in the recent November election.

If you disagree, go to Hell; if you don’t, stay tuned …

I.M. Kane

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