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“Journalists” who write for Propagandist or Gatekeeper publishers are constrained by editors who represent and protect the publishers’ interests and world view. Editors who work for left, moderate, or right leaning publishers either downplay or ignore stories and opinions that challenge or conflict with those held by their publishers. 

The truth be damned when it is at odds with the publishers’ personal or political bent. When the truth gores the publishers’ proverbial ox, editors will spin it, bury it, or omit it; but rest assured, they will never allow it to appear unvarnished to their readers.

Readers who seek the truth, discover it piecemeal. Alternative media stories and opinions often provide readers with additional information, and a better chance to find the truth. Because the alternative media lack editorial constraints, they can provide stories and opinions that would otherwise be deleted from editor queues at the Propagandist and Gatekeeper publishers.  

Lacking the constraints imposed by editors for the Propagandist and Gatekeeper publishers, the alternative media are unleashed to pursue stories and express opinions with impunity, or until the Ruler can impose his “universal Internet ID” program that will track, monitor, and control the activity of all Internet users.

The Propagandist and Gatekeeper publishers would like nothing more than to silence the alternative media outlets that refuse to tout the accepted storyline or regurgitate the established politically-correct opinions.

As long as the Internet remains free of government control and censorship, the alternative media will remain the lone source of free speech, dissent, and unfiltered information.

I urge my readers to visit the following alternative sites to check out their opinions and stories. They’re good guys who’ve routinely endorsed my commentaries and news stores and my work at The Millstone Diaries: 

The guys at MichNews.com, who feature my news stories and commentaries, offer a plethora of conservative columns, cartoons as well as national and international news events;

The guys at Chuck on the Right Side, who were instrumental in getting Colonel Allen West elected to Congress, offer daily conservative social and political commentaries;

Scott Ryan at the Table of Wisdom offers his social, political, and economic commentaries.  His piece Cal & Nevada: The New Soddom & Gomorrah is worth reading;

The anonymous professor at elvisnixon.com provides conservative opinions, including his own perspective on politics and current events. His recent interview with Pundit Press is worth reading; and

The Circuit Rider at The Circuit Rider’s Range and the blog Musings of a Maverick brings his religious perspective to current events and politics. His musing, “The Issue Is Not the Ability to Serve, But Rather a Moral One!” is worth reading.

I.M. Kane

 Obama Nation plan for Internet Drivers Licence 5:20 Video

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A ninth grader in a Spotsylvania, Virginia, high school has been suspended and placed in a “diversion program” by police for hitting three classmates with spit wads. Andrew Mikel has been expelled for the remainder of the school year, ordered to take substance-abuse and anger-management counseling, and perform 24 hours of community service for blowing soft tiny plastic balls through the body of a plastic pen.  

Spotsylvania County's photo of the pen and pellets confiscated from Andrew Mikel

School administrators and board members classified the plastic pen and balls as a weapon, and along with the expulsion, filed assault charges with the sheriff’s department.

In a December 10 letter to the boy’s family, Spotsylvania High School assistant principal Lisa Andruss explained the administration’s action:

“This action results from ‘assaulted three students; and possession of projectiles and device to propel projectiles’ which are violations of Student Code of Conduct section B, article 3, item b … and item g.”

Section B, article 3 of the code addresses “violent criminal conduct; item “b” addresses “killing, shooting, stabbing, cutting, wounding, otherwise physically injuring or battering any person; and item “g” addresses any weapons or objects “used to intimidate, threaten or harm others, any explosive device or any dangerous article(s) shall subject the student to a recommendation of expulsion.”

According to Mikel’s father, the boy is an honor student who has never been in trouble and is active in both the Junior ROTC program and his local church.

“He took a plastic pen apart and shot little balls through the body of the pen. The balls are … less than a quarter inch in diameter … [and] weigh one fifth of a gram. You’re lucky if you can get them about four to six feet using a pen to blow them.

My son realizes what he did was foolish.… It wasn’t appropriate, it was horseplay…. If they gave him a couple of days detention I would understand, but to classify him as a violent criminal bringing weapons to school and using them to harm kids, it’s just ridiculous.

To the school, a weapon is anything that can fire a projectile. They gave Andrew the same punishment as somebody who brought a rifle or crossbow to school.”—Mikel’s father, a former Navy Seabee Marine officer, and engineer

Mikel’s father said that his son had planned to attend the U.S. Naval Academy after high school, but he’s been told the incident will keep the boy from being admitted.

“I don’t know how kids survive in schools nowadays…. We’ve been fighting zero-tolerance cases since the mid-1990’s, and it’s getting worse. There’s a very dangerous, monolithic mindset; there’s no freedom in schools.”—John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute

In a December 21, 2010, hearing, the Spotsylvania County school board ruled Mikel’s criminal charges will be expunged upon completion of the “diversion program” for first-time offenders.

Riddle me this: a kid hits three kids with spit wads he blew though a plastic pen and four state agencies—school administration, sheriff’s department, Department of Juvenile Justice, the Commonwealth Attorney—are called in to render justice.

Political correctness is a psychiatric disorder. Sufferers should be treated with understanding and compassion, but never listened to or taken seriously.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Zero tolerance ‘insane madness’ in Virginia high school.

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Compare New Jersey Governor Christie’s straight talk with the cop in the 6:37 video below to the Ruler’s recent State of the Union speech and ask yourself which “leader” actually addresses the problems facing the people.

In the real world, the country’s headed to hell in a hand basket. The public sector and their Unions don’t give a fiddler’s damn, and the Ruler tells the people “our future is hopeful … and the state of our union is strong.” Yeah … right … and John McCain’s a straight shooter, and the commander of the Lusitania was right when he told his passengers that there was no need for alarm.

I.M. Kane

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The Country’s Two Most Admired People Are Abortion Zealots

By Jerry A. Kane

The lives of nearly 50 million citizens have been snuffed out since 1973 when seven black-robed men decided to legislate from the bench rather than interpret law and went on to make abortion a privacy right protected by the Constitution.  

“[L]egalized abortion is the law of the land because the Supreme Court … created [a] constitutional right to privacy … [which] included a new constitutional right to abortion. If you look in the Constitution, however, you will find no general ‘right to privacy’ any more than you will find a right to abortion — and for good reason: It’s not there. The framers assumed no general right to privacy because, to state the obvious, criminal and evil acts can be committed in privacy.”—Mark Levin.

According to the pro-abortion rights Alan Guttmacher Institute, 93 percent of abortions are done because the child is an unwanted inconvenience, 35 percent of women in the U.S. will have had an abortion by the time they’re 45 years old, and black women are more than four times as likely to have an abortion as white women.

Guttmacher reports that Catholic women account for more than 31 percent of U.S. abortions, black women 30 percent, and evangelical Christians 18 percent. According to estimates by the pro-life group BlackGenocide.com, nearly two thousand black pregnancies are terminated daily.

Even though statistics show that the number of abortions has dropped sharply over the past ten years in the U.S. and that more people now oppose abortion than support it, the two most admired people in the country are zealous supporters of unrestricted abortion on demand.

The Ruler and Hillary Clinton top Gallup’s list of Babylon the Great’s most admired people. It’s the ninth consecutive year for the Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator from New York to be selected the nation’s most admired woman, and the third consecutive year for the Ruler to be the nation’s most admired man.  

During her 2008 campaign for President, the nation’s most admired woman said that “abortion should remain legal, but it needs to be safe and rare.” According to the Guttmacher report, the state that she represented in the U.S. Senate for 8 years has twice the abortion rate of Russia, the nation with the highest per capita abortion rate in the world. But its understood that she’s brilliant and nuanced, so her position really depends on what her definition of “rare” is.

Both the Ruler and Hillary claim abortion should be safe, but neither one has mentioned the recent grand jury report outlining the horrific late-term abortions performed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell on poor, minority, and immigrant women at the Women’s Medical Society in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said Gosnell knowingly and systematically mistreated the women in his care. The grand jury report cited several cases of women with torn cervixes and colons, punctured uteruses, and pelvic infections due to fetal body parts left in the womb from incomplete abortions.

What’s more, the report charges that racism and discrimination were routinely practiced at the clinic. Gosnell’s abortion mill remained invisible to state agency supervision because he was a black doctor whose clinic cared for mostly poor and minority women.

According to the report, Gosnell understood the political realities at play. When a white woman from the suburbs would come to the clinic for an abortion, Gosnell would insist that he be consulted during every step of the procedure. However, when the patient was a black, minority, or poor woman, Gosnell would allow his unlicensed staff to perform the procedure without his direct oversight. When asked by staff members about the obvious double standard, he responded that it was “the way of the world.”

Wasn’t the Ruler’s “hope and change” sloganeering directed toward transforming “the way of the world”? Yet, when the health and safety of poor and minority women are jeopardized because of barbaric abortion practices, the Ruler refuses to address the evil.

Having made unrestricted abortion on demand his number one priority, the Ruler ignores the cries and screams of the women who were brutalized and the babies who were born alive and then butchered with scissors at the clinic. His ears tune in only to the shrieks of feminists and the screeches of pro-abortion activists.

The indifference to the brutalities of the abortion industry demonstrates a lack of character in the nation’s two most admired people, but it also exposes the shame of the people who admire them.

I saw thousands who could have overcome the darkness

For the love of a lousy buck, I’ve watched them die

Stick around, baby, we’re not through

Don’t look for me, I’ll see you

When the night comes falling

When the night comes falling

When the night comes falling from the sky.

I. M. Kane

For more on the story, see Nearly 50 Million Abortions Have Been Performed in U.S. Since Roe v. Wade Decision Legalized Abortion, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Are 2010’s Most Admired, and Doctor accused of killing seven babies with scissors after they were born alive in ‘House of Horrors’ abortion clinic.


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When Matt Miller and Carol Massar of Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart” asked investment analyst and entrepreneur Marc Faber—who predicted the October 1987 stock market crash one week before it happened and whose market advice since 2000 has been quite accurate—his thoughts on the Ruler, it’s obvious the interviewers were looking for more kowtow than candor.

How many investment analysts have the chutzpah to compare the Ruler to a prostitute before a live audience on Bloomberg TV?

MATT MILLER:  With the political constraints in mind that the President has to deal with, what do you think of the job he’s done and what do you think he needs to do from here?

MARC FABER:  I think he’s done a horrible job and I think that will continue. I think he is a basically dishonest person, intellectually dishonest and change … nothing has changed.

MATT MILLER:  Why do you think he’s intellectually dishonest … keeping in mind he is a politician?

MARC FABER:  [S]ome politicians are more honest than others. I don’t think that I have a very high regard for politicians. I have a high regard for businessman and for people who work, and not for people who abuse the system continuously. And in comparison to other politicians, I think that he came in on a platform as a president that would want to change the government in Washington, and actually he’s made it worse.

CAROL MASSAR:  To be fair, he came in at a time when we were smack in the middle of a financial crisis … You laugh, but he came in at a tough time; maybe now he’s going to start changing the system.

MARC FABER:  You are an optimist. Keep on dreaming. We foreigners, we just laugh about someone like Mr. Obama.

MATT MILLER:  What should he be doing?

MARC FABER:  I was very critical of Mr. Bush, but at least he had one line and he stuck to that line, and at least he set out to do a thing and he was relatively straight on the thing that he did. He may have been wrong, and I criticized him very frequently, but at least he didn’t change his mind continuously, and didn’t prostitute himself.”

CAROL MASSAR:  What should be the one line President Obama should put out there and stick to?

MARC FABER:  “I think what should happen in the US is for a president to tell the US, ‘you have to tighten your belts. We have to go through hard times for 5 years to repair the damage that was committed over 20, 25 years by the Federal Reserve, by the Treasury, by the politicians, and somebody has to tell the truth.’ But the politicians keep on fueling the illusion that you can spend yourself out of the misery, and that by printing money you will improve the economy, which is not the case.”

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see the Bloomberg interview Faber Interview on U.S. Stocks and Marc Faber’s Most Provocative Interview Ever: Compares Obama To A Prostitute, Goes Long Treasurys.

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Joe Wilson Sells Out Constituents to Sit with Democrats

Jerry A. Kane


Say it ain’t so, Joe please

Say it ain’t so

I’m sure there telling us lies Joe please tell us it ain’t so.

Last year when the Ruler said that illegal aliens weren’t covered under ObamaCare, South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson snapped “you lie!” But that was before the Democrats decided to exploit the Arizona shootings and use their conduits in the mainstream media and blogosphere to blame the tea party and right-wing talk radio for stirring up hatred with vitriolic right-wing rhetoric.

Now that the six-term congressman has had time to get his mind right, the neutered Republican has agreed to passively sit on his hands between two Democrat congresswomen Susan Davis of California and Madeleine Bordallo of Guam during tonight’s State of the Union address. Yesterday Davis told the Ruler that she’d keep her eye on Wilson during the speech.

The South Carolina Republican isn’t the only GOP Representative to agree to a Democrat chaperon for the Ruler’s address. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California have agreed to the kiss and compromise photo op and have given the go-ahead to their fellow Republicans to break tradition and sit with Democrats.

Republican Representatives willing to nullify the Party’s 70-seat House and Senate majority to make the chamber appear more equally divided are:

Roscoe Bartlett, Maryland

Michael McCaul, Texas

Rep. Renee Elmers and Howard Coble, North Carolina

Joe Heck and Dean Heller, Nevada

Peter King and Chris Gibson, New York

Pat Meehan, Pennsylvania

Shelley Moore-Capito, West Virginia

Jean Schmidt, Ohio

John Mica and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida

Phil Gringrey, Georgia

Steve Womack, Arkansas

Charlie Bass, New Hampshire

Robert Aderholt, Alabama

Robert Dold and Aaron Schock, Illinois

David Dreier, California

Republican Senators willing to embrace those out to destroy them include: Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, John McCain of Arizona, John Thune of South Dakota, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, Johnny Isakson of Georgia and the two Maine pixies Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.

“[T]he simple act of walking across the aisle to sit with our colleagues from the opposite party can become more powerful than any number of words we might use to bridge our differences in Washington.”—Mark Udall, Colorado Democrat Senator

Not all Republicans are doe-eyed for Democrat Udall’s night of bipartisanship. Georgia Congressman Paul Broun called Udall’s attempt to project a bipartisan image to the public a “trap” to make Republicans appear as though they support the Ruler.

Broun is right. Republicans and Democrats sitting together will give viewers a false impression that Republicans agree with the Ruler’s agenda and that he has brought the country together, when in fact he intends to keep it divided until the transformation he promised is complete.

The army and the empire may be falling apart

And the money had gotten scarce.

One mans word held the country together

But the truth is getting fierce.

Say it ain’t so, Joe please

Say it ain’t so

We pend our hopes on you Joe and there ruining our show.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see And Joe Wilson will sit between two Democrats for State of the Union, Whoops, Cantor Waited Too Long to Ask Pelosi to the Prom, and And Joe Wilson will sit between two Democrats for State of the Union.

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“[H]omosexuality … expresses a profound disrespect for a person’s biological identity. Biologically, physiologically, males and females are clearly counterparts to one another. The male sexual and reproductive anatomy is obviously designed for a relationship with a female, and vice versa.

Homosexual practice thus requires individuals to contradict their own biology. It disconnects a person’s sexuality from his or her biological identity as male or female — which exerts a self-alienating and fragmenting effect on the human personality.”—Nancy Pearcey, author and Human Events columnist

Add webmaster and commentator Andrew Breitbart to the list of conservative leaders aligning themselves with GOProud, an organization that advances special rights for homosexuals, advocates the overthrow of the Defense of Marriage Act, and has fought to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law that banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military.

Breitbart takes a seat on the group’s advisory council along with anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, talk radio host Tammy Bruce, and political commentator and strategist Margaret Hoover.

“Andrew Breitbart is one of the most influential voices in the conservative movement today. We are thrilled to have him as part of the GOProud team. … [He is a] fearless, committed advocate for conservative principles.”—GOPround Board Chairman Christopher Barron

For the second year, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has provided GOProud a forum to promote its homosexual agenda among conservatives. CPAC’s decision led South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and the Family Research Council, Concerned Women of America, The American Principles Project, American Values, the Center for Military Readiness, Liberty Counsel, and the National Organization for Marriage to boycott the organization’s annual conference.

Last September Bill Maher’s former squeeze Ann Coulter boarded the GOProud bandwagon when she agreed to headline the “Homocon” party for homosexual conservatives in New York City. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey (“At some point, Republicans will need to get over their issues with homosexuality.”) and Commentary’s Peter Wehner have also come out in support of GOProud’s agenda.

The high-profile conservatives who decided to endorse the agenda of the homosexual activist group GOProud have shattered the conservative coalition, thus ensuring the Ruler’s reelection and a socialist state in 2012.

Instead of advancing the core arguments of conservatism, high-profile conservatives opted to push a world view that supports the homosexual agenda, which will open the door to unlimited statism. Those who openly oppose the homosexual agenda will be compelled to embrace it, or suffer the legal penalties for “discrimination.”

I felt for the tormented whirlwinds

Damned for their carnal sins

Committed when they let their passions rule their reason.”

—Dante Alighieri

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Andrew Breitbart joins advisory council for gay conservative group, CPAC, homosexuality, and the crack-up of conservatism, and DeMint joins CPAC boycott.

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And he isn’t blonde.  

We post, you decide.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Breaking: Fox News Hires Keith Olbermann.

Anticipating the Fairness Doctrine, Fox News hires Keith Olbermann.

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In the video and audio clips below, talk radio host Mark Levin responds to Bill Maher’s indefensible allegation that if the Founders were alive today they would hate the members of the Tea Party.

Ann Coulter’s former squeeze also disparaged members of the Tea Party as “tea baggers,” a sodomite term for placing the scrotum in the mouth of a sexual partner. The host of HBO’s “Real Time” curries favors among fellow travelers and the establishment elites by spewing invectives, rancor, and insults at conservatives, Christians, and tea party members.

Excluding entertainment, academic, and inside-the-Beltway circles, do the subjects of Babylon the Great really find it shocking, provocative, or daring when they hear a leftist entertainer, professor, or journalist label conservatives, Christians, or tea party members as stupid?

Only a pathetic fool would believe the country’s in danger of becoming a theocracy or that Maher is risking his career for defaming conservatives, Christians, or tea party members. Who but a pathetic fool would fail to recognize that the left is the establishment in this country? Consequently, it is banal and not brave to scorn and ridicule the powerless little people on the right.  

Maher makes his living insulting the little people; for him it’s all about sex, money, and how he looks in the eyes of his comrades in the entertainment industry and the powerful elites he admires most. What makes fools like him so insufferable is they are too foolish to recognize that there is such a thing as a wise person. 

The first part of T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men” aptly depicts Maher and all who think like him:


We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men

Leaning together

Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!

Our dried voices, when

We whisper together

Are quiet and meaningless

As wind in dry grass

Or rats’ feet over broken glass

In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without colour,

Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed

With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom

Remember us — if at all — not as lost

Violent souls, but only

As the hollow men

The stuffed men.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Mark Levin Rips Bill Maher for Saying Founding Fathers Would Have Hated Tea Partiers, Mark Levin – Bill Maher Short Stupid White Comedian Guy, and Bill Maher-Tea Party. The Founding Fathers would have hated your guts, Teabagger mob.


Bill Maher-Tea Party. The Founding Fathers would have hated your guts, Teabagger mob 4:11 Video

BILL MAHER:  Now, I want you teabaggers out there to understand one thing: while you idolize the Founding Fathers and dress up like them, and smell like them, I think it’s pretty clear that the Founding Fathers would have hated your guts. And what’s more, you would’ve hated them. They were everything you despise. They studied science, read Plato, hung out in Paris, and thought the Bible was mostly bulls–t.


Mark Levin – Bill Maher Short Stupid White Comedian Guy 4:17 Audio

MARK LEVIN:  Well, there we have another dumb, short, white guy. “Hung out in Paris.” Well, they hung out in Paris, some of them did. Most of them were farmers and merchants who hung out in the colonies. He’s talking about Jefferson and Franklin and so forth. But what does that have to do with anything?

“They read Plato.” Well, actually, they read Plato, but they also read John Locke. How about you, short, stupid, white guy? They read John Locke. They were also influenced by a contemporary, Edmund Burke. They were influenced by the Scottish Enlightenment, that would be Adam Smith among others. What exactly is it about Plato that you like short, stupid, white, comedian Bill Maher? You like “The Republic?” I bet you do. Do you know what’s in “The Republi” short, stupid, white, comedian guy? I don’t think you do. I don’t think you’ve ever read it. I don’t think you’ve ever studied it. All kinds of stuff in “The Republic.” And what did the Founders learn from it? To reject it, because “The Republic” wasn’t a republic at all. It was an incredibly sick society. But why should I go on and on and explain it to you stupid, little, white, comedian guy?

Yes, they studied science, but they didn’t worship science. If you read the Declaration if Independence stupid, little, white, comedian guy, you would know that they talk about the divine, and they talk about providence, they talk about the Creator several times. Fact, that’s where they say “unalienable rights” come from, not from some mad scientist in a dark laboratory, but from God. You don’t believe in God, I believe stupid, short, comedian, white guy. And most of them did believe in the Bible. In fact, all of them. Not a single one of them was an atheist. A few were deists, Franklin and Jefferson, but do you know what a deist is stupid, white, little, comedian dope? I don’t think you do.

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Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie is still scouring the islands for the illusive long-form birth certificate that proves the Ruler was born in the 50th state.  Just the other day he said that he’d unearthed papers in the state archives proving the Ruler was born in Hawaii in 1961, but now it turns out that it was just some listing or notation of the Ruler’s birth that someone had made and not an actual birth certificate.

My guess is that back in 2008 when Bill O’Reilly requested the copy of the long form birth certificate, which he claims to have in his possession, a state official mistakenly sent him the original. As far fetched as it may sound, Buffo Bill may be the only person who can produce the controversial long-form birth certificate that proves the nation’s beneficent Ruler, on whom the lives so many depend, was indeed born in Hawaii in 1961.

Only the second most trusted news personality after Rush Limbaugh can erase the confusion over the Ruler’s birth place, ease the pressure surrounding the befuddled governor, and shut the mouths of the birthers for good. It’s up to the former anchor of Inside Edition to show his copy of the birth certificate and prove to the regular folks out there that their Ruler meets the Constitutional requirement of citizenship.

On the outside chance that no one has the folks’ back, Johnny Roventini will call for Bill O’Reilly to turn the vital document over to the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Hawaii governor claims record of Obama’s birth ‘exists in archives’ but can’t produce the vital document and Gov. Neil Abercrombie Has Utterly Failed To Prove Obama Was Born In Hawaii.

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