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Democrats Poised to Force Open Homosexuality on the Military

By Jerry A. Kane

Now that America’s patriots have put Soros’ and the left’s agenda on life support, Brother O must now rely on the “lame-duck” session of the Democrat Congress (the interim congressional session before the Republicans take office in January) to castrate the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy and force open homosexuality in the U.S. military.

The lame-duck session will allow the Democrats who were ousted from office in the November election to stick it to the electorate with impunity. And Brother O is adamant “that we need to change this policy.”

“There’s going to be a review that comes out at the beginning of the month that will have surveyed attitudes and opinions within the armed forces [concerning the DADT directive]. … I will look at it very carefully. But that will give us time to act … during the lame duck session – to change this policy.”—Barack Obama

Repealing the DADT directive concerning homosexuality in the armed forces as outlined in Section 654 of Title 10 of the U.S. Code will force chaplains who consider homosexual practices sinful to leave military service altogether or take military jobs outside the clergy.

My heart doesn’t bleed for these chaplains. If you don’t like it, there’s a very simple solution: Fold your uniform, file the paperwork and find something else to do.”—Mikey Weinstein, president Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Chaplains have been ministering to American troops since the Revolutionary War. Of the 3,000 chaplains who are currently on active duty, most come from theologically conservative faiths and must have the endorsement of their church or religious organization to serve.

If the church or organization withdraws its endorsement, chaplains will no longer be eligible to serve. Several mainstream denominations that teach homosexuality is an abomination that violates God’s moral law and separates the lifestyle’s practitioners from God have already threatened to remove chaplains due to potential conflicts over open homosexuality.

Classical biblical theology emphasizes searching for God and identifying with Him spiritually. Classical theology recognizes God’s identity as masculine and mankind’s identity as feminine in relation to Him. Therefore, marriage between a man and a woman is symbolic of the spiritual relationship linking God and man.

If the DADT policy is repealed, those who condemn homosexual behavior would be considered outside the military mainstream and subject to disciplinary action for bigotry under its nondiscrimination policy. Chaplains who would dare teach or preach against the homosexual lifestyle would be prosecuted as haters, bigots, and even criminals.

Americans do not have a constitutional right to serve in the military. Whether or not homosexuals are allowed to serve openly in the armed forces is not a matter of civil rights or fairness. By necessity, the military discriminates and rejects enlistees based on age, height, physical abilities as well as other criteria.

The DADT directive is not based on who homosexuals claim to be, but on what they do. Homosexual behavior is a moral issue and not a constitutional or civil rights issue. It is a personal choice of lifestyle that violates the military’s code of conduct as much as lying and adultery are violations of morality that can result in a court-martial and discharge from the military.

The military requires a unique esprit de corps to carry out its dangerous and vital mission of national defense. Military communities share common attitudes, traditional values, and core beliefs that are necessary for unit cohesion.

“No one can trust a leader nor can a leader trust a subordinate if he thinks there are sexual feelings just underneath the surface. … It makes trust virtually impossible.”—Colonel John Ripley

The nation’s military is not some laboratory designed to carry out a social experiment to determine the impact of open homosexuality on performance in a mixed-versus-homogeneous culture.

“There’s risk involved. … This is not a social thing. This is combat effectiveness. … My primary concern with proposed repeal is the potential disruption to cohesion that may be caused by significant change during a period of expended combat operations.”—General James Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps

In 2008, the Military Times conducted a survey that showed nearly 10 percent of the current military would not re-enlist if DADT were repealed. Another 14 percent responded that they would consider a different career if the ban against open homosexuality were lifted.

The government is posed to destroy the First Amendment religious rights of America’s military personnel and their unalienable right to freedom of conscience. Initially, the ending of DADT will limit religious freedom in the military, but the restrictions won’t stop there. Eventually, they will move into the society at large, making criminals of those who would speak openly to condemn homosexuality.

If Democrats are unable to overcome the Republicans’ filibuster of the debate on the annual defense authorization bill (which includes the DADT provision) in the lame-duck session, there’s not much chance that the DADT directive will be overturned in the upcoming 112th Congress. The Republicans will have six additional senators in the 2011 Congress, and California Republican Howard “Buck” McKeon, slated chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has opposed ending the policy.

Progressive facilitators masquerading as teachers in the nation’s educational system have so altered “the thoughts, feelings and actions of students” that not enough Americans revere religious freedom as the central organizing principle of the U.S. Constitution.

“This is an issue … where you’ve got a sizable portion of the American people squarely behind the notion that … [homosexuals] should be treated fairly and equally.”—Barack Obama

The end of DADT will force both clergy and soldier alike to decide whether their allegiance is with God or man. Will the people of the nation that enshrined religious freedom as the basis of its Constitution stand idly by without uttering an outcry of righteous indignation and allow progressive Democrats to invoke such despicable tyranny on the men and women in the armed forces? The short answer is they will only if the people themselves have become as wicked as the leaders who represent them.

Note:  This commentary first appeared at Liberty Juice.com.

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Fred Upton, the Michigan Republican who joined with California Democrat Jane Harman to co-author legislation that banned indoor and outdoor incandescent light bulbs, wants to be chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“In 2007, Harman and Upton introduced bipartisan, bicameral legislation – which became law as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act – that bans the famously inefficient 100-watt incandescent light bulb by 2012, phases out remaining inefficient light bulbs by 2014, and requires that light bulbs be at least three times as efficient as today’s 100-watt incandescent bulb by 2020.”Jane Harman press release

On the upside, Upton has led the fight against the Bread and Circuses Salvation Sideshow Administration’s efforts to impose Net Neutrality regulations on the Internet, and he also opposed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 2009 cap and trade legislation.

Nevertheless, House conservatives owe it to their constituents to carefully examine the downside of Upton’s voting record before rubberstamping a chairmanship.

In addition to his vote against extending the Bush tax cuts in 2005, Dim-bulb Upton has amassed the following voting record: (H-T Erick Erickson of RedState)


Voted YES for TARP

Voted YES on the auto bailout

Voted YES on Cash for Clunkers


Voted NO on 7 of the last 9 RSC Budgets

Voted YES on the Farm Bill

Voted YES on the 2005 Highway Bill

Voted NO to cap farm subsidies

Voted YES four times to extend unemployment benefits

Voted NO to end milk subsidies

Voted NO to cut sugar subsidies

Voted NO to cut NEA spending

Voted NO to cut AMTRAK spending

Voted YES to increase funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Got a 53% on the Club’s 2009 RePORK Card

Got a 42% on the Club’s 2007 RePORK Card


Voted YES on Patriot Tax – a surtax on high income earners


Voted YES for Sarbanes-Oxley

Voted YES to increase the minimum wage

Voted YES on energy bill with new CAFÉ standards and tax hikes

Voted NO to waive Davis-Bacon

Voted YES to criminalize “price-gouging”


Voted YES to force 527s to disclose their donors

Voted YES on McCain-Feingold

Voted YES on the 527 Reform Act


Voted YES for SCHIP


Voted NO to privatize postal service for 20 communities

Voted 7 of 9 times to increase congressional pay


Voted YES on No Child Left Behind

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Republican Co-Author of Incandescent-Bulb Ban Seeks Chair of House Energy Committee by Matt Cover and Just Say No to Fred Upton by Erick Erickson.

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In a series of unprecedented raid-style inspections on August 21, September 17, and October 8, deputies and narcotics agents in Orange County, Florida, stormed at least nine barber shops and arrested 37 people, charging 34 of them with “barbering without a license.”

Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies ordered the barbers to stop what they were doing, put their hands behind their backs, and sit on the floor to be handcuffed and taken to jail. The deputies cleared out the customers, some of them children, from the shops, and then they conducted workstation searches and checked licenses.

The deputies carried out most of the raid-style inspections on black- and Hispanic-owned barbershops in the Pine Hills area without warrants. They conducted the raids under the authority of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which is authorized to enter salons at will.

Deputies said they found evidence of illegal activity, including guns, drugs and gambling. However, records show that during the sweeps … just three people were charged with anything other than a licensing violation.—Jeff Weiner

Orange County sheriff’s Captain Dave Ogden said his unit decided to make the licensing arrests because “It was a misdemeanor crime being committed in our presence.” However, arrests for barbering without a license in Florida are highly unusual. In a 10-year period, only three barbering-without-a-license arrests were made statewide.

The deputy inspectors could have issued fines instead of handcuffing and arresting the barbers in front of the patrons. Sheriff’s officials said that they decided to make the arrests because the shops had a history of criminal activity and of not cooperating with state inspectors. According to records, some shops did have lengthy histories of noncompliance, but others never had a complaint.

Although the licensing raids were unprecedented in Florida, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the city of Moreno Valley, California, last year for carrying out similar raid-style searches of black barbershops.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Criminal barbering? Raids at Orange County shops lead to arrests, raise questions by Jeff Weiner.


Licensing Gone Wild: Armed Government Agents Raiding Barber Shops 1:30 Video

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This phrase “One Nation Under God,” added to the pledge of allegiance over 50 years ago, was the inspiration for this John McNaughton painting. In the 2:38 video below, McNaughton explains his motivation and purpose for doing the painting.

McNaughton’s painting is a reminder that many of the Founders and patriots not only saw the hand of God in the founding of this country, but they were also passionate believers in Jesus Christ and would turn to Him for wisdom and strength when their lives and liberty were in jeopardy.

(H-T) Edith

I.M. Kane

One Nation Under God – Jon McNaughton 2:38 Video

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Americans voted on Tuesday to stop Brother O and the Democrats from taking this nation any further down the road to serfdom into a socialist dictatorship under Democrat one-party rule.

Americans don’t want “can’t-we-all-just-get-along” Republican leadership to extend an olive branch and “work together” with the corruptocrats to ease the country over the cliff to socialism. They want the country to “change” direction from where the previous Bush administration and the current Obama administration have been headed.

Americans want unshackled from an overreaching nanny state and overbearing bureaucrats.  So who do the Republicans send out to champion the cause and lead the fight against the ruthless Democrats and their leftist hordes? They send them a blubbering buffoon who chokes up when mentions having “spent [his] whole life … chasing … the American Dream” and a suck up sissy who wants “to prove the pundits wrong” and “make the president a success.”

Based on John Boehner’s breakdown and Darrell Issa’s contrite remarks, it’s hard to believe that the Republicans really paid attention to the electorate or learned from their missteps in ’94.

If boo-hoo Boehner and my-job-is-to-make-the-president-a-success Issa are metrosexual, estrogen dominate males, it’s time House Republicans look for leaders with slightly more balanced testosterone to estrogen ratios. 

One day soon I’m gonna tell the moon

About the crying game

And if he knows, maybe he’ll explain

I. M. Kane

For more on Issa’s remarks, see Darrell Issa: My Job is to Make the President a Success by Doug Powers.

A Very Emotional & NEW Speaker Of The House John Boehner: “Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves!” 7:49 (the blubbering starts at the 5:34 mark)

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Michael Maves, executive vice-president and CEO of the American Medical Association (AMA) since 2001, is deserting a sinking ship. The chief lobbying organization for about 35 percent of America’s doctors endorsed and supported ObamaCare.

“While the pending legislation [ObamaCare] isn’t perfect, we have to acknowledge that the previous government intervention in health care to establish Medicare and Medicaid led to an explosion of spending for doctors’ services. The prospect that something similar will happen with this bill has got to benefit the members of our Association.”—James Rohack, AMA president

Maves has been credited with restoring financial stability to the AMA, carrying out initiatives aimed at improving the quality of care, and fighting for fair Medicare reimbursement for physicians.

Doctors are smart, but intelligence should never presuppose wisdom. The AMA and AARP, like the NEA and NRA are political organizations controlled by Democrat operatives. What they purport to uphold and what they actually do uphold are often diametrically opposite and contradictory.

Americans can thank the AMA and AARP for the “benefits” of ObamaCare. One residual benefit Americans are now beginning to reap is that of insurance premiums going up by as much as 47 percent as evidenced in Connecticut.

When leftist Democrats are elected to rule, serfs reap their beneficence. Now that the benefits are beginning to be bestowed, stop complaining and enjoy them. America’s healing has begun.


I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see American Medical Assn. CEO Maves to leave post by Gregg Blesch.

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Last year Congress passed the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE Act) requiring every state to mail out absentee ballots to military personnel and family members 45 days before Election Day. However, several states with late primaries received waivers and extended the deadline for the return of ballots mailed in from overseas.

The dictator’s home state of Illinois did not have a late primary, yet 35 of 110 counties missed the September 18 deadline. Eric Holder’s [In]Justice Department will push aside MOVE Act violations as it did for voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia in 2008. The Department will not enforce the Act because the majority of military votes are usually Republican.

Congress should also clarify that military personnel and family members overseas have the right to vote in state and local elections as well as federal elections, and that any violation of the 45-day rule must be remedied by a court order extending both the deadline for the postmark of the marked ballot and the deadline for its receipt.

If electronic means are secure enough for our nation’s most important secrets and for huge sums of money, why is it not possible, in 2010, for deployed service members to vote by a secure means that will guarantee that their ballots are counted?—Captain Samuel F. Wright

It’s up to Congress to amend the MOVE Act and put some teeth in it this time so that disenfranchised military voters have recourse of action to enforce the 45-day rule. 

I.M. Kane

For the rest of Wright’s commentary, see The Scandal of Military Voter Disenfranchisement by Captain Samuel F. Wright.

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