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The superintendent at Denair Middle School in Denair, California, told 13-year-old Cody Alicea to remove the American flag from his bicycle while he’s on school property. For over two months, the boy has been riding to school with an American flag attached to the back of his bike to show his patriotism and respect for veterans like his grandfather.

“In this country we’re supposed to be free. And I should be able to wave my flag wherever I want to. And they’re telling me I can’t.”—Cody Alicea

Some students complained and the superintendent decided that the flag on the boy’s bicycle might stoke racial tensions or uprisings and put student safety at risk on campus as it did during Cinco de Mayo.

“Our Hispanic, you know, kids will, you know, bring their Mexican flags and they’ll display it, and then of course the kids would do the American flag situation, and it does cause kind of a racial tension which we don’t really want. We want them to appreciate the cultures.”—Edward Parraz, Denair Middle School Superintendent

In twenty-first century America, children are kept from showing their love of country, honor of veterans, and respect for the American flag for fear of stirring up racial hatred.

Who will raise the battle cry of freedom at such an outrage? Oh, wait a minute … it’s California … never mind.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike by Elissa Harrington and School Forces Boy To Take Flag Off Bike from KCRA.com.

Forced To Remove The American Flag 2:37 Video

 The Battle Cry of Freedom

Yes, we’ll rally round the flag, boys,

We’ll rally once again,

Shouting the battle cry of Freedom,

We will rally from the hillside,

We’ll gather from the plain,

Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.


The Union forever, Hurrah! boys, hurrah!

Down with the traitors, Up with the stars;

While we rally round the flag, boys,

Rally once again, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom.

We are springing to the call

Of our brothers gone before,

Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom.

And we’ll fill the vacant ranks

With a million freemen more,

Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom!


We are marching to the field, boys,

We’re going to the fight,

Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom,

And we bear the glorious stars

For the Union and the right,

Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom.

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