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Americans voted on Tuesday to stop Brother O and the Democrats from taking this nation any further down the road to serfdom into a socialist dictatorship under Democrat one-party rule.

Americans don’t want “can’t-we-all-just-get-along” Republican leadership to extend an olive branch and “work together” with the corruptocrats to ease the country over the cliff to socialism. They want the country to “change” direction from where the previous Bush administration and the current Obama administration have been headed.

Americans want unshackled from an overreaching nanny state and overbearing bureaucrats.  So who do the Republicans send out to champion the cause and lead the fight against the ruthless Democrats and their leftist hordes? They send them a blubbering buffoon who chokes up when mentions having “spent [his] whole life … chasing … the American Dream” and a suck up sissy who wants “to prove the pundits wrong” and “make the president a success.”

Based on John Boehner’s breakdown and Darrell Issa’s contrite remarks, it’s hard to believe that the Republicans really paid attention to the electorate or learned from their missteps in ’94.

If boo-hoo Boehner and my-job-is-to-make-the-president-a-success Issa are metrosexual, estrogen dominate males, it’s time House Republicans look for leaders with slightly more balanced testosterone to estrogen ratios. 

One day soon I’m gonna tell the moon

About the crying game

And if he knows, maybe he’ll explain

I. M. Kane

For more on Issa’s remarks, see Darrell Issa: My Job is to Make the President a Success by Doug Powers.

A Very Emotional & NEW Speaker Of The House John Boehner: “Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves!” 7:49 (the blubbering starts at the 5:34 mark)

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