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Michael Maves, executive vice-president and CEO of the American Medical Association (AMA) since 2001, is deserting a sinking ship. The chief lobbying organization for about 35 percent of America’s doctors endorsed and supported ObamaCare.

“While the pending legislation [ObamaCare] isn’t perfect, we have to acknowledge that the previous government intervention in health care to establish Medicare and Medicaid led to an explosion of spending for doctors’ services. The prospect that something similar will happen with this bill has got to benefit the members of our Association.”—James Rohack, AMA president

Maves has been credited with restoring financial stability to the AMA, carrying out initiatives aimed at improving the quality of care, and fighting for fair Medicare reimbursement for physicians.

Doctors are smart, but intelligence should never presuppose wisdom. The AMA and AARP, like the NEA and NRA are political organizations controlled by Democrat operatives. What they purport to uphold and what they actually do uphold are often diametrically opposite and contradictory.

Americans can thank the AMA and AARP for the “benefits” of ObamaCare. One residual benefit Americans are now beginning to reap is that of insurance premiums going up by as much as 47 percent as evidenced in Connecticut.

When leftist Democrats are elected to rule, serfs reap their beneficence. Now that the benefits are beginning to be bestowed, stop complaining and enjoy them. America’s healing has begun.


I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see American Medical Assn. CEO Maves to leave post by Gregg Blesch.

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Last year Congress passed the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE Act) requiring every state to mail out absentee ballots to military personnel and family members 45 days before Election Day. However, several states with late primaries received waivers and extended the deadline for the return of ballots mailed in from overseas.

The dictator’s home state of Illinois did not have a late primary, yet 35 of 110 counties missed the September 18 deadline. Eric Holder’s [In]Justice Department will push aside MOVE Act violations as it did for voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia in 2008. The Department will not enforce the Act because the majority of military votes are usually Republican.

Congress should also clarify that military personnel and family members overseas have the right to vote in state and local elections as well as federal elections, and that any violation of the 45-day rule must be remedied by a court order extending both the deadline for the postmark of the marked ballot and the deadline for its receipt.

If electronic means are secure enough for our nation’s most important secrets and for huge sums of money, why is it not possible, in 2010, for deployed service members to vote by a secure means that will guarantee that their ballots are counted?—Captain Samuel F. Wright

It’s up to Congress to amend the MOVE Act and put some teeth in it this time so that disenfranchised military voters have recourse of action to enforce the 45-day rule. 

I.M. Kane

For the rest of Wright’s commentary, see The Scandal of Military Voter Disenfranchisement by Captain Samuel F. Wright.

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