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How long before Americans know if it’s a Republican tidal wave or if Democrat fraud helped to minimize the damage? According to AP, trends should be evident before most people finish dinner.  

Polls close at 7 p.m. in Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Vermont with16 more states to follow at 8 p.m..

If the GOP can unseat Democratic Rep. Baron Hill in Indiana’s always-hard-fought 9th congressional district, for example, that’s a good sign for the expected Republican takeover of the House. And if they can capture all three seats they’ve got an eye on in Indiana, that could well signal a GOP hurricane.

On the other hand, if Democrats hold their ground in Indiana, and if their Kentucky Senate candidate, Jack Conway, can beat back Republican Rand Paul, it could be an early indication that GOP gains won’t challenge the record books …—Nancy Benac, Liz Sidoti, David Espo, Nedra Pickler, Tom Raum and Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Republicans need at least the 40 seats to retake the House and 10 seats to retake the Senate. If Midwestern incumbents Joe Donnelly in Indiana and John Boccieri in Ohio (polls close at 7:30) lose, Republican prospects brighten for huge gains.

If Republican John Raese beats Democrat Governor Joe Manchin in West Virginia, (polls close at 7:30), the victory would dramatically increase Republican chances to regain the majority in the Senate.

I.M. Kane

For more on this story, see What to Watch in Tuesday’s Elections Returns by Nancy Benac, Liz Sidoti, David Espo, Nedra Pickler, Tom Raum and Julie Hirschfeld Davis.

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To expect less than Rampant fraud from this Party of degenerates would be grossly Naive

By Scott Ryan

I just cast my vote for Lt. Co Allen West & Marco Rubio and it certainly felt great.

The media are saying now that the elections are underway, “it is already shaping up to be a long night.” – MarketWatch.com

What that means is that Democrats will demand recounts until they manufacture enough votes to take away a victory.

These are people devoid of a single morsel of ethics. Like true Marxists, as in the case with that out right imposter Al Franken, they will take this country to civil war in order to steal power.

They have no remorse. They have no love for liberty. These people are power hungry, miserable narcissists who will gladly take down this country as they despise our very foundations.

I fully expect the Demagogue party to lie, cheat and steal as those traits are a confluence that point to their definition of virtue.

If you can get passed the stale platitudes that have been perpetuated for decades by the wealthy swindlers like John Edwards about the “have’s and the have-nots” it is as lucid and simple for anyone capable of discernment.

The left are against the notion that people should be allowed to work as hard as they want and to earn as much as they want by the sweat of their brow without being demonized and plundered by the rapacity of elected parasites who foment discord among those who do not and cater to the fallen angels of our nature, the base instincts of envy and slothfulness.

The Democrat Party is a party that holds firm to the dogma that human beings can be the property of other human beings. It is the crux of their sacrament of abortion which contends that baby is the –property- of the women in whom it resides. It was the same fallacious notion that perpetuated slavery and their twisted logic will naturally lead to euthanizing the infirm and the elderly as they come out on the short end of the new governmental equation.

All of their egregious policies stem from one disgraceful agenda and that is to feed on the discontent of those who made bad choices whether you’re talking about pitting people against those who prosper or creating “victims” out of those who were sexually promiscuous in the way long encouraged by the liberals who indoctrinate the masses through pop culture. The same group that enriches themselves while debauching the morals of our youth in Hollywood is the same Democrat Party that whispers “victim hood” like the serpent to their impressionable ears.

Anyone with even a modicum of moral decency and intellectual honesty remaining must see that this party, the party of Planned Parenthood which destroys millions of innocent lives every year, the party of ravenous trial lawyers like John Edwards, the party of the ACLU that makes every attempt to destroy the free-exercise of the Christian religion, the party that of the militant homosexual agenda that is aggressively seeking to force acceptance of homosexual marriage and is fighting to FORCE churches to hire homosexual leaders and pastors and will charge your clergy with hate crimes if they resist, the party that is sowing chaos in our military to force open acceptance of sodomy and will discharge honorable and righteous officers for not giving approbation to sodomy, the party of a tyrannical, anti-American President who openly calls those patriotic Americans who dare disagree with him –ENEMIES- a term he won’t even use to describe Hamas or Al Qaeda.

If you are blithely guided by the notion that this is your father or grandfather’s Democrat Party of the past and are obstinately pulling that Democrat lever, you cannot separate yourself from the aforementioned agenda and you will some day have to give account for the destruction and immorality you have brought upon this nation.

To update a statement by Samuel Adams for the present ferments, ‘If ye love ENTITLEMENTS greater than liberty, the tranquility of IGNORANCE greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

To expect less than Rampant fraud from this Party of degenerates would be grossly Naive but this time, unlike in Al Franken’s election, we will not yield to their jihad against our constitution and our sacred honor.

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The 14:55 video below shows an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Minnesota Freedom Council into possible voter fraud by American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) workers at the Crow Wing County courthouse in Brainerd, Minnesota.  

According to eyewitness Montgomery Jensen, union workers had filled out and submitted absentee ballots for severely mentally retarded people. Jensen said he witnessed staff members fill out ballots and tell people, who “had no idea that they were at the court house, let alone they were there to vote,” to vote for Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidates.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Union Accused of Voter Fraud Involving Mentally Handicapped by Joe Nelson.

Crow_Wing_County_Absentee_Fraud_Investigation 14:55 Video

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