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Carl Paladino is taking on the corruptocrat machine in New York and the “genius” who lit the fuse that caused the nation’s financial collapse. The 8:29 video below shows Democrat Andrew Cuomo proudly lighting the fuse of the housing meltdown.

Cuomo and the corruptocrats believed they had the right to determine acceptable risk for the lenders and forced them to loan money to high-risk borrowers for political purposes. 

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd made the laws that allowed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to guarantee bad loans, but it was Cuomo who sued the first bank for “discrimination” and won what was at the time the largest award in history $2.1 billion dollars.

Cuomo epitomizes the political arrogance of the left. Americans must keep Cuomo and the corruptocrats from destroying America.

Ignorance is no excuse; New Yorkers are accountable for their vote. Stop the corruptocrat Democrats now! America’s future depends on it. Vote Republican or suffer the consequences under Democrat rule and a leftist dictator.

I.M. Kane

For more information about Cuomo’s involvement in the financial meltdown, see ANDREW CUOMO BIRTHED THE MORTGAGE CRISIS AND THE MARKET CRASH OF 2008 by Jerry A. Kane and The quotes that explain the entire financial meltdown by Ed Morrissey.

How The Democrats Caused The Financial Crisis: Starring Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo 8:29 Video


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