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Employees from a Cincinnati public high school used church vans to drive students to the Downtown Board of Elections offices to vote during school hours.

The students were issued sample ballots for Democrat candidates only and then taken for ice cream, alleges a law suit filed by Thomas Brinkman Jr., a Republican candidate for Hamilton County auditor and the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending & Taxes against Cincinnati Public Schools.

“They plan to bring four more high schools (to vote) this week.”—Christopher Finney, COAST attorney

The suit alleges that students were accompanied by campaign workers or supporters for Democrat Congressman Steve Driehaus, who is running against Republican Steve Chabot. Allegedly, the students got out of the vans and were handed sample ballots containing only Democratic candidates.

“No CPS personnel engaged in the promotion of candidates or any political party.”—CPS attorney Mark Stepaniak.

If the allegations prove true, Hughes High could be in violation of a 2002 agreement with COAST, where school officials agreed to keep school property or employees from being used for “advocating the election or defeat of candidates for public office.”

COAST is seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent school officials from using school property or employees to help students participate in partisan politics during school hours.

American tax dollars are at work facilitating Democrat Party rule under a socialist dictatorship.  

Perhaps it’s time to publicly acknowledge America’s public school facilitators for their undying efforts to indoctrinate America’s children and turn them into progressive–minded, loyal Democrats. Totalitarian genocidal monsters throughout the world salute their efforts.

Well done thou good and faithful servants.

I.M. Kane

From more on the story, see Lawsuit: CPS pushing Democrats by Kimball Perry.

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Better you should pray to God

The Father and the Spirit.

Will guide you and protect you from up here.

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?

Big Brother will soon be able to monitor the activities of every person in the United Kingdom who uses a phone or the internet.

Every email, phone call, and Web site visit in the UK will be recorded and stored now that the Coalition Government has unveiled plans to force every communications provider to store the records of all users’ details for at least a year.

The Labour Government shelved similar plans last December, and a Coalition Agreement promised to “end the storage of internet and email records without good reason.” But like all political promises meant to mollify not keep, the Agreement has been broken. 

“We should not be surprised that the interests of bureaucratic empires outrank liberty.”—Guy Herbert, general secretary of the No2ID campaign group

The Coalition Government’s Big Brother snooping plans will give security and police officers the ability to track people’s phone calls, emails, text messages, and Web site visits for crime or terrorism purposes.

The information will include who is contacting whom, when and where and which websites are visited, but not the content of the conversations or messages.—Tom Whitehead

Bureaucratic needs to amass more power should never trump the liberty and privacy of law-abiding citizens, but a credulous, frightened public will submit when they’re told it’s for their own good.

Teach the children quietly

For some day sons and daughters

Will rise up and fight where we stood still.

Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

I am vigilant … I am incredulous …

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Every email and website to be stored by government by Tom Whitehead.

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