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After four years of DemocRAT control of Congress and two years of DemocRAT rule, their failures just ain’t funny anymore.

Americans who blindly believe DemocRAT talking points disseminated through the mainstream media complex and teacher and labor unions or the barroom bigotry and barbershop bull sh** spread by leaders of indoctrinated minorities will condemn the video below as stupid and evil.  They will also call it:

racist because it quotes Barack Obama,

sexist because it quotes Nancy Pelosi, and

homophobic because it quotes Barney Frank.

But for Americans who tie half their brains behind their backs just to make it fair, such leftist condemnation is reason enough to sacrifice 5 minutes of their day to watch it.

(H-T) Chuck on the Right Side

The 100-Year-Old Man

I met a man the other day at a Starbucks and we discussed America’s political climate. Although he looked to be in his early-to-mid twenties, he insisted he was one hundred years old. I laughed and figured I’d play along. So I asked him where I might find Ponce de León’s mythical watering hole.

He smiled and said his appearance had nothing to do with a fountain of youth or a hidden village in the Himalayan Mountains. He then told me that a fairy had visited him one night in 1917 and offered to grant him just one wish:

“So I wished for eternal life, but the fairy apologized and said she wasn’t allowed to grant that kind of wish.

Then I thought for a minute and said, ‘Okay, I want to live to see the Democrats get their heads out of their asses.’

She cast me a wry smile, called me a crafty bastard, and then she flew away.”

I.M. Kane


Democrat Fail Video! 4:56 Video

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