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After so many “Blue Dog” Democrats were exposed as unprincipled, anti-Constitution Party hacks due to their willingness to pass the leftists’ agenda in casting deciding votes for the Stimulus Bills, Cap and Trade, and ObamaCare, one would think that their hope of being reelected in their Republican leaning districts is slim to none. But the truth is, they are running competitive races in those districts because their free-market, limited-government, constitutional conservative challengers have been betrayed by “the Ruling Class Right.”

The Ruling Class Right is made up of entrenched elites masked as Republican, pro-business, and pro-Second Amendment groups whose endorsements and money are boosting the standing of vulnerable Democrat incumbents with right-leading constituents.

The GOP establishment demonstrates the Ruling Class Right. First, it threw its endorsements and money behind leftists Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Mike Castle, and Lisa Murkowski, and now it does everything possible to ridicule and undermine the campaigns of primary victors such as Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and Carl Paladino.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is also an example. It has issued endorsements of at least ten Democrats even though America is facing the most far-reaching assault on its free-enterprise system since the New Deal by the current Democratic Congress.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is another example. This year the NFIB has given its signature “Guardian of Small Business” award to 29 House Democrats, who use it to counter claims that they are lapdogs for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration.

And then there’s the National Rifle Association. Considered by millions as a stalwart defender of constitutional principles, this treacherous group of sell-outs has endorsed 58 Democrat incumbents.

All of these groups have abandoned America’s Constitution and free enterprise system. They are being run by cronies and schemers who will back or buy any politician willing to grant them taxpayer subsidies and political favors. Their philosophical convictions and love for America are far less important to them than having a seat at the table with the politically powerful. They are as much an enemy of America as the Progressive left.

Now that they are known, isn’t it time to expose their treacherous ways before it’s too late?

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Will the ‘Ruling Class Right’ Rescue Vulnerable Dems? by Robert James Bidinotto.

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