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The odds are better for playing Russian Roulette than for engaging in homosexual sex. One-in-five homosexual/bisexual men who engage in homosexual sex acts has HIV and half of them don’t know it.

For more on the story, see UPDATE 1-1 in 5 gay, bisexual men in US cities has HIV by Julie Steenhuysen.


An 84-year-old veteran is in critical condition after an Orlando cop “hip checked him” to the ground him, breaking his neck.  Witnesses said the 84-year-old got upset when he saw his car was about to be towed and “put his hands on the cop” three times.

For more on the story, see 84-year-old vet suffers broken neck after police takedown by Dave D’Marko.


The Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee will no longer endorse Democrat candidates because Indiana Democrat congressmen Brad Ellsworth, Joe Donnelly, and Baron Hill helped to pass the pro-abortion ObamaCare bill.

The universal policy not only withholds Right to Life endorsements from Democratic candidates for Congress or the Indiana House of Representatives, but it also withholds endorsements from all Democratic candidates.

Indiana pro-life activists are tired of electing dishonest, self-serving Democrats. So to avoid waisting their time and money on sunshine soldiers the likes of Bart Stupak, Ben Nelson, and Tim Ryan, they agreed to put their efforts in the Republican Party only.

For more on the story, see Indiana Right to Life Sets National Precedent with Resolution Denying Democrat Endorsements from Christian Newswire.


Gulen schools indoctrinate students in the tenets of radical Islam to bring about a New World Order under sharia (Islamic law) and may be within walking distance of one’s home or business. They operate under the Islamic principle of taqiyya or “holy deception.”

Currently, 85 taxpayer-funded Gulen schools exist in the U.S. with dozens more scheduled to open next year.

For more on the story, see Guide to the Gulen Schools in America by Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.


As more details emerge about the massive 2,700-page ObamaCare law, even supporters are shocked by its sweeping implications and reach into every corner of our lives and society.

ObamaCare grows more unpopular by the day for it imposes huge new taxes, provides benefits to relatively few, cuts existing services, and imposes expensive mandates on virtually everyone.

For more on the story, see The Amazing Carelessness Of ObamaCare by Grace-Marie Turner.


In a campaign season that has been about job creation and fiscal discipline, the culture wars are starting to dominated the political landscape.  The Ground Zero mosque, the homosexual activist judge overturning the same-sex “marriage” ban in California, and whether or not Mullah Obama is a Muslim are the hot-button cultural issues that could influence voters in the November midterms.

For more on the story, see 73 Days to Decide: Will Religion Decide November? from FoxNews.com and Major Garrett.

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It was news when American religious leaders condemned anti-Muslim bigotry and denounced a Florida pastor’s planned burning of Korans, but when prominent American and Canadian Muslims came together to speak out against “threats that have been made against individual writers, cartoonists, and others by a minority of Muslims,” the media are silent.

These leaders have put themselves in harm’s way to denounce the Muslim fanatics who threaten violence against Americans exercizing their First Amendment rights, yet the media won’t report it.

Unless word gets out, only a few Americans will ever know that some Muslims actually support free speech even when it is hurtful or reprehensible and condemn the crazies who intimdate and threaten violence against people and groups exercising their First Amendment rights.

Contrast the courage of these Muslim leaders who are speaking out in defense of America’s freedom of religion and speech with the muted response from the American Society of News Editors and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Neither organization will say anything to defend the First Amendment rights of Molly Norris, the Seattle Weekly cartoonist who has gone into hiding after her life was threatened by Muslim crazies bent on murdering her for devising “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” in protest to violent threats made against South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

To be fair, America’s paper of record did muster an apology and an admittance of embarrassment … but not to Norris, to Muslims for the “bigotry,” “nuttiness,” and “venom” exhibited by their fellow Americans who equate Muslims with terrorists.

Instead of kowtowing to Muslim crazies, shouldn’t the brave-heart journalists in mainstream media be more outraged by what has happened to Molly Norris than they are embarrassed by American nuttiness?

Just sayin’.

I.M. Kane

For more on America’s brave-heart media, see Infatuated With Clergy Condemning Koran-burning, Media Now Silent as Muslims Condemn Anti-Free Speech Violence by Lachlan Markay.

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The National Rifle Association cares more about kissing up to powerful politicians than it does about protecting Second Amendment rights. It uses the Second Amendment as a tool for fundraising, compromises, and access to power.

During my two terms in the Colorado Senate, the NRA regularly watered down gun rights legislation to garner unneeded Democrat votes rather to push for the best pro-gun legislation that could pass. At that time, Republicans held the majority and even a handful of Democrat legislators were solid on gun issues

[And now the] NRA’s Political Victory Fund endorsed liberal Democrat Congresswoman Betsy Markey, who … didn’t even bother to return the NRA’s survey when she first ran for Congress two years ago.

[She] has done nothing courageous or noteworthy… [an] “honorary cheerleader” [for bills] that she knows will never come to a vote in a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Her two actual “pro-gun” votes were meaningless throwaways, cast to gain political cover … after the outcome of the vote was no longer in doubt.

Markey’s votes [on the Second Amendment] were … manipulative campaign fodder.

[Her] Republican challenger Cory Gardner has repeatedly taken the lead on pro-gun rights legislation such as the “Make My Day Better” bill that would give business owners and employees the same right to defend themselves and their business property as they have to defend their home.

Gardner’s voting record during five years in the Colorado Legislature [was outstanding], even the NRA gave him an A+ grade.

Gun rights advocates should vote for candidates they can count on and donate to groups that support Second Amendment rights. Unfortunately, the NRA is no longer one of those groups.

To read the rest of the commentary, see NRA shoots itself in the foot with the endorsement of Markey over Gardner by Mark Hillman.

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