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Canada will not long survive the evil that now spreads from the United States.

In 1944 Nazi-controlled Hungary, the teenage George Soros (Schwartz) turned Jews over to the Nazis to save himself. He worked for the Judenrat, the Jewish council created by the Nazis, to find Jews and deport them to Nazi death camps. He also helped an official at the agriculture ministry to confiscate property from Jews.

MoveOn.org’s Godfather of world socialism takes great pride in that he offered to help his mother commit suicide.

What we have in Soros, is a multi-billionaire atheist, with skewed moral values, and a sociopaths lack of conscience. He … despises capitalism, and just loves social engineering.—Jim O’Neill

When Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes asked the Democrat Party’s mentor and benefactor if he found it difficult or had feelings of guilt about what he had done as a teenager in Hungary, Soros replied, “Not at all. … If I wasn’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it [the Jews’ property] away anyhow. … So I had no sense of guilt.”

Nietchian guilt and a seared conscience are evident throughout Soros’ life:

In 1992, he profited $1.1 billion by speculating against the British pound, causing it to crash, wiping out the retirement savings for millions of Brits.

In 2002, Soros was convicted and fined millions of dollars for insider trading in France. He admitted to buying the shares, but didn’t think it was a crime.

In 2009, he made $3.3 billion off the banking collapse, calling it “the culmination of my life’s work.”

Today the major financial backer of Brother O’s presidential campaign has $811 million invested in Petrobras. It seems the $10 billion that Brother O’s Bread and Circuses Administration loaned the Brazilian-based oil company wasn’t enough payback for Soros:

Within 48 hours after President Obama issued the six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling [in the Gulf] … Petrobras contacted … Laborde Marine, which [leases semi-submersible rigs and/or drill ships] … “If the moratorium on deep-water drilling is not lifted, 33 [rigs and ships] … will simply go to other countries … such as Brazil.”—Tait Trussell

Back in the USSA, Brother O’s moratorium is costing the U.S. trillions of dollars and thousands of new jobs in the Gulf region, and George Soros will surely profit from it when oil prices rise due to U.S. resources not being tapped.

And now Soros fixes his eye upon Canada. The Soros front group, Avaaz, is sending a petition to Canada’s TV regulator, the CRTC, to stop Sun Media’s license for a TV news channel. Avaaz claims that thousands of Canadians want the Sun censored and kept off the airwaves.

The petition is … an Internet petition … anyone can sign anyone else up without their permission. Fake names are permitted, and so are foreign citizens.

Soon, Soros will control Canadian television programming and free speech. Like the United States, Canada will become another knick-knack in Soros’ shadow-box collection of governments under his control.

I.M. Kane

For more on the Democrat Party mentor and Obama Sugardaddy, see Moral hollowness at work also titled George Schwartz, the Jewish Nazi by Ezra Levant and Soros’s Oil Spill Payoff by Tait Trussell.

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