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The 1:37 video below is a humorous campaign spot for Republican Len Britton. The ad takes on the national debt crisis in a spoof of a Publishers Clearinghouse commercial.

Britton is challenging incumbent Patrick “Leaky” Leahy for the US Senate in Vermont. “Leaky” Leahy, the poster child for term limits, is seeking a seventh term.

To learn more about Britton or to contribute to his campaign, go to Len Britton US Senator for Vermont.

I.M Kane


Better Get a Paper Route, Billy 1:37 Video


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Turkey abolished the caliphate in 1924, but Islamic supremacists have been striving to restore it. The problem has been finding a candidate for caliph who is acceptable to the Islamic community. Now Pakistan’s Minister of State for Industries, Ayatullah Durrani, thinks he’s found the ideal candidate, Barack Hussein Obama.

In Sunni Islam, the caliph is the military, political, and spiritual successor of Muhammad who will unify Muslims internationally. Sunni Islamic law authorizes the caliph to wage offensive jihad against infidel nations to bring them under the control of Sharia. Islamic law says that only the caliph can declare offensive jihad against infidel nations—which is why jihadists view their terrorist acts as defensive.

It’s noteworthy that a member of the Pakistani government would be able to look at Obama’s record as President and conclude that he is not only a Muslim, but should become their leader.—Robert Spencer

Durrani wants Obama to proclaim himself caliph at Ground Zero to mark Islam’s victory there.

For more on the story, see Pakistani Government Minister: Obama For Caliph! by Robert Spencer.

I.M. Kane

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