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South Carolina Democrat Congressman John Spratt has barred the use of audio and video devices during his September 7 debate with Republican challenger Mick Mulvaney. Only reporters and those who have tickets for the sold-out event at a South Carolina Lions Club will hear the debate.

Mulvaney’s campaign condemned the cowardly Democrat saying, “in this country, we have open debates.”

For more on this story, see No cameras in debate after Spratt’s request from The Associated Press.

I.M. Kane

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Mideast sugar daddies are not tossing $100 million into the Ground Zero Victory Mega-Mosque merely as a symbolic gesture of an Islamic conquest. They want a bigger bang for their bucks, which involves the Islamization of New York City. Once the mosquestrosity is built, the surrounding public space around it becomes in effect the exclusive property of the Muslims who will congregate there five times a day for prayers.

They’ll pray in the mosque and they’ll pray in the streets, face to the ground, with a rakish tilt of their derrieres to the sky from which their blessed destruction came burning down.

They’ll block off street after street, refusing passage to people who live and work there, choking off the economic bloodstream of the shops and restaurants and offices that keep the struggling neighborhood alive.

They’ll send out their amplified calls to prayer five times a day, rattling the windows of the cowering infidels, and spewing over the burial ground where almost three thousand innocent souls died to satiate the bloodlust of their god Allah.

They’ll rampage through the storied streets that drive the world’s financial engine, home to the New York Stock Exchange and hundreds of major corporations and institutions, and viciously harass, harangue, and beleaguer the people who work there.—Stella Paul

For more on the future Islamisation of New York City, see Paris Video Shows the Future of Ground Zero by Stella Paul and watch the 4:59 video below.

I.M. Kane


Friday in Paris. A hidden camera shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim worshippers and enforced by a private security force. …

An ordinary French citizen who has been watching the Islamization of Paris decided that the world needed to see what was happening to his city.

Islamisation of Paris : A Warning to the West 4:59 Video

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