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New York City officials have been fighting for 15 years to keep the Bronx Household of Faith from meeting in a vacant public school space on weekends. Even though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the government cannot keep religious groups from public facilities once they have been opened to other community organizations, New York City officials flatly refuse to allow the small Christian congregation access to the facility.

NY City Mayor Bloomberg’s “our values and our traditions endure … there is no neighborhood in this city that is off-limits to God’s love and mercy” declaration appears to be nothing more than leftist meat in a crap sandwich.

Bloomberg emphatically embraces Muslim worship in a proposed victory shrine at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, yet his First Amendment zealotry disappears once he’s asked to uphold the religious rights of congregants who belong to the Greek Orthodox Church destroyed on 9/11 or the Bronx Household of Faith.

The real question is why did New Yorkers twice elect such a despicable scoundrel to lead them and represent their city? In a government constructed of the people, by the people, and for the people, its elected officials are a reflection of the people themselves; i.e., corrupt, devious, hypocritical leaders are symptomatic of a wicked society.

For more on the Bronx Household of Faith’s battle with NYC officials, see Bloomberg’s ‘tolerance’ hypocrisy: Why does the mayor welcome the mosque and fight small churches? by Tom Minnery.

I.M Kane

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The 3:11 video below was posted and then scrubbed a few hours later, so catch it before the thought police return.  The video sends the following message to the George Soros controlled Democrat Party in power: We are coming for your jobs now, so pack it in; you’re fired.

Democrat trolls are deleting or scrubbing politically offensive materials from the Internet continually; therefore, it’s wise to download and save materials you like for they may not be there the next time you look for them.

I.M. Kane

America Rising Video An Open Letter to Democrats 3:11 Video

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Marilyn Bess’s hobby is a low-traffic blog about green living. Between her blog and few pieces to ehow.com, she made about fifty bucks over three years, and now the city of Filthydelphia wants a piece of the action. And the city government’s not just shakin’ her down. After reporting their small earnings on this year’s tax filings, several Philadelphia bloggers have received notices demanding $300 for a privilege license as well as taxes on any profits.

“The real kick in the pants is that I don’t even have a full-time job, so for the city to tell me to pony up $300 for a business privilege license, pay wage tax, business privilege tax, net profits tax on a handful of money is outrageous.”—Marilyn Bess

According to tax attorney Michael Mandale, it doesn’t matter if bloggers make only a pittance, Filthydelphia mandates privilege licenses for any business engaged in an “activity for profit whether or not they earned a profit during the preceding year.”

Filthydelphia’s city government, like most governments in major U.S. cities, is run by Democrats. To those Filthydelphians who continually vote for the “protectors of the downtrodden,” I offer the following advice:  Take comfort in what your Vice President Joe Biden said when Democrat officials stop by to shake the loose change from your pockets or to appropriate the gold filings from your teeth:

Time to be patriotic … time to jump in; time to be part of the deal; time to help get America out of the rut.”— Joe Biden, Democrat Vice President of the U.S.

When Filthydelphians elect looter Democrats to make their city’s tax laws and policies, they richly deserve fleecing. So shut up while they rob you blind and take comfort in knowing that you are a patriot.

For more on the Filthydelphia blogger tax, see Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license by Mark Hemingway and Pay Up by Valerie Rubinsky.

I.M. Kane

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