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In the midst of the economic downturn when most Americans have had to take less pay and fewer benefits to keep their jobs, teacher unions have adamantly refused to accept reductions in pay and health insurance benefits.

So Brother O and Congressional Democrats conjured up an “edujobs” bailout bill that would take $10 billion from the food stamp program and give it to placate the teachers’ unions. The bill was signed into law by Brother O purportedly to rehire laid-off teachers and prevent teachers from being laid-off before the new school year begins.

“As a result of this vote, we expect to see less crowded classrooms, reinstated bus routes and restored education programs and services”— Dennis Van Roekel, National Education Association President

However, according to the New York Times, the school districts intend to keep the money and not use it to re-hire the laid off teachers.

But now that the federal government has come through with $10 billion, some of the nation’s biggest school districts are balking at using their share of the money to hire teachers right away.—Motoko Rich

And now just five days after the signing, another New York Times story, “Back to School? Bring Your Own Toilet Paper” reports that the nation’s schools are requiring parents and students to send in toilet paper and tissues to stock janitorial closets that have been stripped bare by shrinking school budgets.

Once again, the nation’s school kids are asked to do with less so the teacher unions can do with more.—Kyle Olson

For more on the teacher union bailout bill, see Billions for Teacher Unions, Nothing for Students by Kyle Olson and Given Money, Schools Wait on Rehiring Teachers by Motoko Rich.

I.M. Kane

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Brother O released the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) report on the Gulf oil spill before the agency had gathered all the data and completed the peer review process.

To boost public relations, the White House released the unfinished report claiming that 75 percent of the oil had been collected, burned, skimmed, or simply disappeared; however, a recent independent study contradicts NOAA’s rosy estimates, finding that 79 percent of the oil still remains in the Gulf beneath the water’s surface.

“It is deeply troubling that White House officials apparently preempted the completion and review of a scientific study on the oil spill by NOAA scientists in order to tout conclusions that many experts believe may be deeply flawed.”—Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)

For more on the hyped NOAA report, see Politics, Not Science, Drove White House to Release Rosy Gulf Oil Report by Robert Bluey.

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