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Our good friends at elvisnixon.com raise an excellent question: Why weren’t homosexual couples invited to Brother O’s Ramadan meal? He didn’t exhibit sensitivity for Christians when he invited “gay” couples to the White House Easter egg roll.

Could it be that Brother O understands that his Muslim brethren would have been insulted and offended by openly homosexual couples, so he nixed such an idea as inappropriate?

Now that it’s been proven Brother O can be sensitive to inappropriate ideas, perhaps he can better understand the objections to the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. People who object to the building of the mosque so close to Ground Zero don’t oppose it for Constitution reasons, as the specious arguments in his silly straw man speech suggest; they oppose the mosque because it is insulting and offensive to a majority of Americans, the families who lost loved ones, and the victims who died there.

Building a mosque so close to Ground Zero would be insensitive and inappropriate and should be nixed for the same reasons homosexuals were excluded from the official Ramadan meal at the White House.

I.M. Kane

No Homosexuals at Obama’s Ramadan : Why Not?

From elvisnixon.com

Obama is the FIRST President to actively denigrate Christians and Christianity while simultaneously bowing down to Muslims and Sharia law.

Were there any “gay” couples invited to the official Obama White House Ramadan meal?

Why not?

Obama made a great show of having many homosexuals at his “Easter egg roll” rubbing Christians’ noses in what he called a “teachable moment” against “the forces of homophobia and hate.”

Easter is Christianity’s major holy day. Why did he not mock and insult Muslims in the same way?

Why did Obama not shove a “teachable moment” into the faces of Muslims?

Earlier this year, Obama forced Christians to watch in dismay as he hijacked the Christian holiday of Easter to endorse homosexual child rearing, and he used Ramadan to endorse the construction of a massive mosque on the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  He clearly hates Christianity and embraces Islam, as well as homosexuality. It’s only unclear which one he prefers, or fears, more.  It seems to be Islam since he didn’t include any gays, lesbians, transgenders, transexuals, cross-dressers, or pre-ops at his Ramadan celebration.

This is a deadly double standard by a man who refused to attend the National Day of Prayer breakfast, refused to attend the Boy Scouts of America (because of their policy of protecting boys from potential “gay” predators) and wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. He and his wife Michele attended Jeremiah Wright’s hate-filled “church” that promoted overt racism and black liberation theology for years. This is Obama’s sole connection with what the media think is legitimate Christianity.

Why is the media as silent about Obama’s purposeful neglect of the gay, lesbians and transgender community” when it comes to his Muslim holiday celebration as they are about that fact that the California city of Bell’s entire corruption scandal was 100% Democrat?

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