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Democrats are using the Tea Party name in Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania to run bogus candidates to split the Republican vote in the November midterm elections. The midterm election is the last chance for Americans to save their country from the George Soros controlled Democrat Party and a socialist dictatorship.

If after an 18-month preview of iron-fisted, dictatorial rule by Brother O and Democrat Party leaders tea partiers still haven’t figured out that Democrats must be defeated this November, then the Founders’ experiment in self-government will end, and Abraham Lincoln’s government of the people, by the people, and for the people will perish from the earth.

The November election will decide the country’s fate;

Will it be Lincoln‘s America or Nimrod’s Babylon the Great.

For more on the Democrats’ ploy to split the GOP vote this November, see 86 Days to Decide: Activists Say Tea Party Imposters Infiltrating Elections from Fox News.

I.M. Kane

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