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It’s Time to Teach the NRA a Lesson

By Jerry A. Kane

Remember back in March 2000 when British-owned Smith and Wesson cut a deal with the devil to avoid government lawsuits and agreed to Bill Clinton’s demands on the manufacturing and selling of guns?

Gun clubs, gun rights groups, and gun rights advocates responded to S&W’s sell-out agreement by initiating large-scale boycotts of the company, refusing to buy its new guns, and flooding the firearms market with used S&W guns.

The deal with the devil ended when Smith and Wesson sold the company to the Saf-T-Hammer Corporation (a Smith and Wesson Holding Corporation), which publicly renounced the agreement and returned the company to the good graces of the firearms community.

“[I]n recent years the … [NRA] has capitulated to the Leftwing by cutting deals with the devil.  And when you cut a deal with the devil in order to get some piece of legislation passed, you will have hell to pay down the road.Anthony G. Martin

Leaders of one-issue groups like the NRA must be made to realize that their members who support the Second Amendment also zealously support the First Amendment and the other eight. And one-issue organizations that aid and abet leftist Democrats in restricting the political speech of business owners and grassroots groups will no longer be tolerated.

The NRA withdrew its opposition to the Disclose Act after House Democrats added specific language to exempt the organization and a few other privileged interest groups and unions from its onerous regulations. The Act limits spending by businesses and corporations, yet it allows powerful special-interest groups and unions to spend without limit.  In addition, major mainstream media corporations are exempted from the Act’s political speech restrictions, but alternative media outlets and bloggers are not.

The Act also bans election-related communications three months outside of primaries through the general election and blatantly attempts to stifle the political speech of Democrat Party opponents by forcing small business owners and grassroots groups to name their top donors in ads that mention candidates.

By not fighting against such a raw power grab to silence opposing political viewpoints, the NRA is giving tacit approval to the Democrat Party’s assault on the First Amendment and the free speech rights of all Americans. 

The NRA leadership has again and again endorsed Democrat politicians who denigrate the authority of the Constitution. For example, the NRA gives Nevada’s dismal Democrat Senator Harry Reid favorable ratings and ringing endorsements even though Gun Owners of America has given him a lifetime grade of “F” on gun issues.

What’s more, Reid has actively supported gun-control nominees to the Supreme Court, the Federal courts, and high level cabinet positions and has displayed a hostility toward gun rights throughout his career.  

Knowing that Reid has undermined gun rights and the rights of individuals to make personal decisions about healthcare, Toronto Examiner columnist Anthony G. Martin rhetorically asks “Why does the NRA support Harry Reid?”

“Americans can no longer afford to cut deals with Leftists given the present climate in U.S. politics.  Forces are at work as never before to rob citizens of their precious liberties. … [I]f the NRA supports candidates who are the enemies of liberty, such as Harry Reid, then the organization is doing nothing but aiding and abetting the enemies of liberty …”

Over the last two election cycles, so called “blue dog” Democrat candidates have been elected in conservative districts because they have satisfactorily regurgitated the NRA’s gun rights talking points, and have used their NRA endorsement to shield Republican efforts to win the seat. 

The NRA’s shortsighted leadership refuses to believe that the Democrat candidates they endorse do not revere the Constitution or hold gun rights sacrosanct. Once the leadership of the Democrat Party has satisfactorily put an end to opposing political speech, it will attack the NRA and run rough shod over the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. And then the NRA will stand alone and the Constitution will be a meaningless relic on the ash heap of history.

Instead of supporting a sell-out Second Amendment organization that cuts backroom deals with leftist devils and repeatedly endorses candidates who undermine the Constitution, gun clubs, gun rights groups, and gun rights advocates should follow the Smith and Wesson example of 2000 and rise up en masse against the NRA.

It’s time to teach the NRA a lesson:  cancel memberships, join alternative gun rights groups, and help Republican candidates defeat the unsavory Democrats and the NRA’s “true champion of the Second Amendment,” Harry Reid.

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