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Superb … LOL! Hands down, the best parody I’ve seen in a long time.

The “We Con the World” video not only ridicules the media coverage of the incident but the pathetic fools who took part in Michael Jackson’s original hug fest.

May God Bless Israel and His people everywhere.

I.M. Kane


Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World 4:57 Video


Aid to Gaza 

Performed by: Captain Stabbing & Friends


There comes a time

When we need to make a show

For the world, the Web and CNN

There’s no people dying,

so the best that we can do

Is create the greatest bluff of all


We must go on pretending day by day

That in Gaza, there’s crisis, hunger and plague

Coz the billion bucks in aid won’t buy their basic needs

Like some cheese and missiles for the kids


We’ll make the world

Abandon reason

We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas

Is Momma Theresa

We are peaceful travelers

With guns and our own knives

The truth will never find its way to your TV


Ooooh, we’ll stab them at heart

They are soldiers, no one cares

We are small, and we took some pictures with doves

As Allah showed us, for facts there’s no demand

So we will always gain the upper hand


We’ll make the world

Abandon reason

We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas

Is Momma Theresa

We are peaceful travelers

we’re waving our own knives

The truth will never find its way to your TV


If Islam and terror brighten up your mood

But you worry that it may not look so good

Well well well well don’t you realize

You just gotta call yourself

An activist for peace and human aid


We’ll make the world

Abandon reason

We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas

Is Momma Theresa

We are peaceful travelers

We’re waving our own knives

The truth will never find its way to your TV


We con the world

We con the people

We’ll make them all believe the IDF is Jack the Ripper

We are peaceful travelers

We’re waving our own knives

The truth will never find its way to your TV


We con the world (Bruce: we con the world…)

We con the people (Bruce: we con the people…)

We’ll make them all believe the IDF is Jack the Ripper

We are peaceful travelers

We’re waving our own knives

The truth will never find its way to your TV

The truth will never find its way to your TV

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It’s Not Just the Census: Obamanomics Jobs are Temporary Jobs

By Chris Horner

[W]hen jobs are created under Obamanomics, they generally turn out to be temporary make-work jobs.

But it’s worse than is beind discussed … The truth is that the jobs (briefly) created are a fraction of the number claimed.

[G]reen jobs and stimulus jobs are temporary … “bubble” jobs existing only so long as the government (taxpayer) transfer of wealth continues …

Read the entire American Spectator story at http://spectator.org/blog/2010/06/04/its-not-just-the-census-obaman


‘Beat the Jew’ game probed at SoCal high school

From The Associated Press

The Desert Sands Unified School District [in Southern California] says about 40 students joined a Facebook page promoting the game [“Beat the Jew”], in which some students playing the role of Nazis chase others playing as blindfolded Jews.


High School Kids Play Beat the Jew and Beat the Jew Whistleblower Threatened

By Joy Tiz

The question nobody is asking is where did these students learn such disregard for Jews?  Do any of them have parents at all?

The student who blew the whistle is staying home from school out of fear of retaliation and says she has received more negative than positive reaction to her decision.

Imagine the hue and cry from all quarters if the game had been “Beat the Muslim” instead.

[T]he district couldn’t get involved when the kids were playing Beat the Jew.  They will, however, speak out against threats against a student.  No public school wants to lose a student—that costs the district money.

Read the entire Associated Press story at http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/jun/04/beat-the-jew-game-probed-at-socal-high-school/ and Tiz’s stories at http://joytiz.com/2010/high-school-kids-play-beat-the-jew/ and http://joytiz.com/2010/student-who-outed-beat-the-jew-game-threatened/


Black lawmakers want to limit new ethics office

By Ben Evans

Stung by a series of inquiries, nearly half the members of the Congressional Black Caucus want to scale back the aggressive ethics procedures

Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, and 19 fellow black lawmakers in the all-Democratic caucus quietly introduced a resolution last week that would restrict the powers of the new independent Office of Congressional Ethics. The office, formed by Congress in 2008, is run by a panel of private citizens.

The citizen-run ethics panel is far more open than the notoriously secretive standards committee, publicizing its referrals even when the standards committee finds no violations.

Fudge’s proposal would remove that power, and allow lawmakers on the standards committee to seal from public view the ethics office’s findings on matters deemed meritless.

The resolution also would make it harder for the ethics office to initiate investigations, requiring a sworn complaint from a citizen claiming personal knowledge of an alleged violation.

Read the entire Evans story at http://apnews.myway.com/article/20100602/D9G3AVUO0.html


Nigeria’s agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it

By John Vidal

With 606 oilfields, the Niger delta supplies 40% of all the crude the United States imports and is the world capital of oil pollution. Life expectancy in its rural communities, half of which have no access to clean water, has fallen to little more than 40 years over the past two generations. Locals blame the oil that pollutes their land …

“Oil companies do not value our life; they want us to all die. In the past two years, we have experienced 10 oil spills and fishermen can no longer sustain their families. It is not tolerable.”—Williams Mkpa, a community leader in Ibeno

[M]ore oil is spilled from the delta’s network of terminals, pipes, pumping stations and oil platforms every year than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico

That disaster, which claimed the lives of 11 rig workers, has made headlines round the world. By contrast, little information has emerged about the damage inflicted on the Niger delta.—John Vidal

“If this Gulf accident had happened in Nigeria, neither the government nor the company would have paid much attention. This kind of spill happens all the time in the delta.”— Ben Ikari,writer and member of the Ogoni tribe 

Read the entire Guardian story at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/may/30/oil-spills-nigeria-niger-delta-shell


Why don’t we just drop a nuclear bomb on the Gulf oil spill?

By Jeremy Hsu

Using a nuclear explosion to try to plug the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico might sound like overkill, but a Russian newspaper [Komsomoloskaya Pravda] has suggested just that based on past Soviet successes [20-percent failure rate]. Even so, there are crucial differences between the lessons of the past and the current disaster unfolding.

The Russians previously used nukes at least five times to seal off gas well fires. A targeted nuclear explosion might similarly help seal off the oil well channel that has leaked oil unchecked since the sinking of a BP oil rig on April 22 …

Weapons labs in the former Soviet Union developed special nukes for use to help pinch off the gas wells. They believed that the force from a nuclear explosion could squeeze shut any hole within 82 to 164 feet (25 to 50 meters), depending on the explosion’s power. That required drilling holes to place the nuclear device close to the target wells. …

 The Russians were using nukes to extinguish gas well fires in natural gas fields, not sealing oil wells gushing liquid, so there are big differences, and this method has never been tested in such conditions.

Besides the possibility of failure, there are always risks when dealing with radiation, though material from the DOE report suggests these are minimal since the radiation would be far underground.

Read the entire Christian Science Monitor story at http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2010/0513/Why-don-t-we-just-drop-a-nuclear-bomb-on-the-Gulf-oil-spill


Voters Shifting to GOP, Poll Finds

By Peter Wallsten, Naftali Bendavid, and Jean Spencer

Republicans have solidified support among voters who had drifted from the party in recent elections, putting the GOP in position for a strong comeback in November’s mid-term campaign, according to a … Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

Republicans have reassembled their coalition by reconnecting with independents, seniors, blue-collar voters, suburban women and small town and rural voters—all of whom had moved away from the party in the 2006 elections, in which Republicans lost control of the House. Those voter groups now favor GOP control of Congress.

“This is the inverse of where we were four years ago, and in a way that projects to substantial Democratic losses in November.”—Bill McInturff, GOP pollster who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

Read the entire Wall Street Journal story at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704247904575240812672173820.html?mod=e2tw

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KrisAnne Hall, an assistant state attorney in Florida, spoke at several tea-party rallies about the Constitution, smaller government, and less spending and her boss, Democrat Robert “Skip” Jarvis, fired her for speaking out against the government and for being divisive.

But the do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do state attorney for the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida spoke at political events while serving as the chairman of the Suwannee County Democratic Executive Party and working as an assistant state attorney.

Yet when Jarvis spoke, it was different, for he spoke to left leaning “Democrats, Republicans, independents” in the room; whereas when Hall spoke, she spoke to right leaning Democrats, Republicans, and independents at tea party rallies.

Different standards, rules, and laws apply to Democrats because they’re just better people, and the rest of America better damn well begin to accept and respect that distinction.

There I’ve said it. Now get outta here!

I.M. Kane


Attorney Fired For Tea Party Speeches? 5:26 Video

Speaking at a tea party? You’re fired!

By Chelsea Schilling

“I shouldn’t have to trade my constitutional rights for a paycheck” Former Live Oak prosecutor KrisAnne Hall

When an assistant state attorney in Florida spoke at several tea-party rallies about her beliefs and the Constitution, her boss, a prominent Democrat, fired her – but now protesters are taking to the streets to get her job back.

Former Live Oak prosecutor KrisAnne Hall, was ousted May 24 by Democrat Robert “Skip” Jarvis, state attorney for the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida, after he said she refused to stop speaking at tea-party rallies, on the radio and to the Suwannee County Republican Executive Committee.

Hall, a 40-year-old mother and U.S. Army veteran who describes herself as a “constitutional originalist” and “fan of American Revolutionary history,” sought an injunction in federal court to allow her to continue speaking. Three days later, Jarvis received the motion and fired her. Now Hall is suing, claiming her First Amendment rights have been violated.

“I shouldn’t have to trade my constitutional rights for a paycheck,” she told Florida’s Fox 30 News. “If we don’t learn why we have the Constitution that we have, we are doomed to repeat the history that brought it to us.”

Tea partiers rally for fired prosecutor

The North Central Florida 9/12 Project called an 11 a.m. “free speech” rally outside Jarvis’ office in Live Oak, telling tea-party protesters to “bring your signs and let people know that you are standing up for our constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of speech.”

Hall spoke to WND while the rally was taking place.

“There are about 100 people,” she said. “I’m really impressed because that’s good for our little town. They’ve come from as far as Tallahassee.”

According to her request for an injunction, Hall had made an appearance on a local radio program and “addressed a variety of issues of public concern, including constitutional originalism, the legal dispute between the State of Florida and the federal government over the recent national health care bill and the threat posed by large federal budget deficits.”

The Gainesville Tea Party released a copy of Hall’s April speech to its group, noting that she spoke about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers and the importance of informing and educating oneself.

Hall claims she didn’t discuss cases handled by the state’s attorney’s office during her speaking engagements, and she was introduced only as an attorney with expertise in constitutional matters. Hall also explained that she spoke at the events on her own time as a private citizen – not an employee of the state’s attorney’s office.

“I never said anything bad about my office,” she told WND. “I never said anything bad about my boss. I never talked about my cases.”

She added, “When I stand up to speak, I don’t consider myself a motivational speaker. I consider myself a teacher. That’s why I was asked to come and speak on the Constitution, based on the perspective of our Founding Fathers and blend it with current events. I think that’s what my speeches did.”

Jarvis, who claims Florida law allows him to appoint and fire his assistants without cause, wrote a series of e-mails on April 22 and 23, according to the complaint. He told her to stop speaking before a “fringe right-wing group” and ordered her to “disassociate yourself from these folks.”

“He wrote a letter to my attorney telling him that he could hire and fire me at will and I had a choice to make: I could speak or I could work for him,” Hall said. “He was clearly throwing down the gauntlet, saying you can keep your First Amendment rights or you can work for me.”

However, as the chairman of the Suwannee County Democratic Executive Party, Jarvis himself was involved in politics and spoke at political events while he was the assistant state attorney.

“I spoke to Democrats, Republicans, independents, everybody in that room,” he told Florida’s CBS 47 Action News. “It was on unity because I started out, ‘Look to you left. Look to your right. Everybody in this room is an American.'”

Hall said, “He was the Suwannee county chairman for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate – all while he was an assistant state attorney under our previous boss, Jerry Blair.”

Hall ‘spoke against the government’

However, he claims Hall went too far because she spoke out against the government.

“The position I’ve seen her advocate in some of her speeches is that ‘We the people think differently, and only we the people think like me.’ That is very divisive,” Jarvis said.

But Hall told the station she’s not against the government and she’s only attempting to convey the importance of the Constitution.

“He accused me of speaking out against the state of Florida because I was speaking for smaller government and less spending,” she said. “I don’t understand that because our governor – as popular or unpopular as he may be right now – that’s how he became governor of our state. He ran on that platform: less spending, smaller government.”

Jarvis told the station, “As a normal, private citizen, she would have every right to do [it]. However, when it reaches the point where it puts the state’s interest in conflict, that’s where that attorney must stop.”

Jarvis said he isn’t sure whether he would ever give Hall her job back – even if she stopped speaking at the tea-party events.

“Would I like to have her back – the old KrisAnne before she wanted to become the next Sarah Palin?” Jarvis asked. “I would love to have the old KrisAnne back.”

Now Hall and her lawyer are suing Jarvis for retaliatory conduct. Hall said she enjoys being a prosecutor, but she would only go back under certain conditions.

“I wouldn’t mind going back if I could be guaranteed that I wouldn’t be returning to a hostile environment,” she said.

But for the moment, Hall is a free agent.

“I’m unemployed,” she said. “It’s not good to be unemployed in this economy. I need to find somebody who wants a dedicated, hard-working attorney who believes in principles and will zealously represent a client based on those principles.”

Hall, a graduate of the University of Florida Levin College of Law, adjunct professor and former Army linguist, is now looking for an employer who will value her unwavering dedication to constitutional principles. Hall extended an invitation to prospective employers to contact her.

Disciplinary action for speaking at tea parties

Hall is not the first person to face disciplinary action for speaking at tea-party events. The Rapid City Journal reported KOTA-TV anchorman Shad Olson was suspended last month with pay after he appeared as a featured speaker at a tea-party rally in South Dakota.

Olson’s supervisors called his appearance “an ethical lapse” and took him off the air.

Olson said he spoke at the event because “I want people to fall back in love with their country based on what the founding principles are and the legacy left by the people who fought and bled and died to establish America on this continent.”

Olson was not fired, but he submitted his resignation following the incident. He said he plans to host a radio talk show and work as a paid political consultant.

“I’ve handed in my resignation,” he said. “In the wake of everything that happened, I just kind of felt it was time to do something else. I’m done as of today.”

Meanwhile, Hall said tea-party groups have booked her for numerous appearances in the upcoming weeks and months, and demand for her speeches has grown exponentially.

“It’s just crazy,” she said. “I never even imagined this. I put my speech up, and I got e-mails from people all over the country who want to repost my speech and send it out in the mail. It’s amazing.”

Even Florida’s attorney general and lieutenant governor have joined the debate in support of Hall.

“[I]t is my understanding that you have terminated Assistant State Attorney KrisAnne Hall for speaking at tea-party rallies,” state Attorney General Bill McCollum wrote in a letter to Jarvis. “Your response to her free speech activity is of concern to me. … I write to strongly urge you to reconsider your termination of Ms. Hall in respect to our nation’s honored tradition of free speech.”

Likewise, Republican Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp wrote a letter to the Florida Times-Union stating that he “was shocked to learn that KrisAnne Hall, an assistant state attorney in Florida’s 3rd Judicial Circuit, was fired from her job for exercising her right to free speech. … Her firing was clearly wrong and a questionable act by the employer, the state attorney.”

Hall told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, “I don’t have an agenda. … I really, really believe that if people knew what I know about our history and about our Constitution, they’d become just as passionate as I am about this, and we could spark a fire across this country.”

Meanwhile, the North Central Florida 9/12 Project issued an action alert, telling tea partiers, “KrisAnne is now unemployed because of her desire to teach and inform people about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. As we move forward with ideas of how we can help, please pray for her and inform your neighbor of the battle we face.”

A fund has been set up to help Hall fight her legal battle:

The KrisAnne Hall Support Fund

P.O. Box 26

Wellborn, FL. 32094

(Note: Concerned individuals may contact State Attorney General Bill McCollum and State Attorney Robert “Skip” Jarvis at (386) 362-2320.)

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