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“I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”—Voltaire/Ewelyn Beatrice Hall?

“Remember when the Left was all in favor of free speech, no matter how offensive, in the belief that clarity emerged from conflict, that sunlight was the best disinfectant, and that brotherhood was possible only after we cleared away the barriers that divided us …”—Michael Walsh

But that was the “sunshine” sentiments of the lollipop left in 1974; this is 2010 and the sun has been obscured by clouds and it’s now darkness at noon for free speech:

“There’s nothing entertaining about watching goons hurl venomous slurs at congressmen like the civil rights hero John Lewis and the openly gay Barney Frank. And as the week dragged on, and reports of death threats and vandalism stretched from Arizona to Kansas to upstate New York, the F.B.I. and the local police had to get into the act to protect members of Congress and their families.”—Frank Rich

Although Lewis has yet to produce any proof that racial slurs were yelled out from the crowd, eyewitnesses and “journalists” say they heard someone call Bathhouse Barney a faggot.  

Even if “venomous slurs” were hurled at the Democrat congressmen, what’s the big deal? Has name-calling become a crime in America? If so, is it a misdemeanor or a felony, and punishable by what … 60 days mandatory attendance at a Romper Room school singing the “Do-Bee Song” with Miss Patti and a sock puppet?

“Do be a universal health care supporter

Don’t be a universal health care denier”

In the article “Hate is no crime,” Willis E. Elliott points out why it’s criminal to criminalize free speech:

“[W]hen any group succeeds in its appeal for legislation silencing its critics, the social effects are tragic. Inter-group tensions increase as one group is provided with special protection from other groups and/or the general society. Crime increases as members of one group see themselves as representatives of their group against “them” (another group, or a person perceived as representing another group). Law, whose function is to effectuate justice with an individual in the dock, loses dignity as it is dragged down into mediating intergroup conflicts, defining human emotions (e.g., “hate”) and attitudes (e.g., “bigotry” and “tolerance”) and culture-war terms (e.g., “politically correct,” “pro-life / pro-choice,” “marriage”), and expanding “equality” from individuals to groups. The upshot? Freedom shrinks as interpersonal and intergroup discomforts move from the dynamics of society to the specifics of jurisprudence, and government expands its controls over the populace as the people increasingly appeal to government to resolve their conflicts and solve their problems.”

I am riled up … I am fed up …

I.M. Kane



For those who still dare to believe in free speech, check out the clip of Dustin Hoffman in the role of  Lenny Bruce performing his classic routine on ethnic insults. Beware: racial slurs ahead:

Lenny – Lenny Bruce hard words 1:56 video

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The time of reckoning is at hand … Obamacare is the last breath of the liberal order – and it’s time to take America back from the party of thieves and looters.

Today, it is abundantly clear that either we will live in Obama’s America or in America that our Founding Father envisioned. You cannot have both.

If you don’t vote for America in November – you don’t deserve to be called an American.

I want my country back!

By Hyphenated American

It seems like the ultra-liberals have been able to bribe and coerce enough congress-scumbags to pass the Obamacare. And as I said before, there would be hell to pay for this monstrosity. Obamacare is the very definition of unlimited government – the threat of which was forewarned by the Founding Fathers more than two centuries ago. The federal government, which is up to its neck in debt and unfunded liabilities, decided to launch the biggest entitlement of all times – the medical care for all. The spending on this new entitlement will surely dwarf many if not most of Federal programs and will make the bankruptcy of federal and state governments inevitable. The time of reckoning is at hand, brothers and sisters. Obamacare is the last breath of the liberal order – and it’s time to take America back from the party of thieves and looters.

All patriots of this nation must stand together and fight back. United we will win! There is no blue or red America anymore – there are only those who believe in America the beautiful, America the free, America the shining city on the hill – and those who believe in welfare socialism and government servitude. Today, we fight not only for our personal well-being – but for the dignity and honor of this country, for the right to look into the eyes of our children and say – we defended this nation from the perils of socialism. In November 2010, we will answer the crucial questions of our times – are American people worthy of the Constitutional Republic built by the Founding Fathers – or the Great American Experiment has failed, and we should all go back to Europe, Africa and Asia? Will American people have the right to proudly say “We are Americans” – or will they forever live in infamy and indignity of the European welfare socialism?

I don’t know about you, but I am certain of the answer to these questions. I am glad that the Democratic Party passed the Rubicon. From now on, there is no coming back for the liberal elites, no talks of compromise and middle-ground. Today, it is abundantly clear that either we will live in Obama’s America or in America that our Founding Father envisioned. You cannot have both.

The November elections will be the most important elections in our lifetime. If you don’t vote for America in November – you don’t deserve to be called an American.

Written by a Russian immigrant who loves America and who loves freedom.

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“[P]assage of Obamacare makes a mockery of the idea that this is government of and by the people. …

This was an abuse of the democratic process so flagrant as to be Putin-esque. These tactics are quite literally a threat to the republic, and they must be condemned, reversed, and punished. …

[T]he raving atrocity of Obamacare makes punishment of its perpetrators, punishment of the right and legal kind, a moral imperative.”—Quin Hillyer

Brother O is truly the most despicable of bald-faced liars. To pass the abomination of desolation known as ObamaCare, he lied about:

  • the individual mandate for health insurance
  • raising taxes on individuals making under $200,000 or couples under $250,000
  • public funding of abortions
  • rising insurance premiums
  • taxing health-care benefits
  • rationing health care
  • using budget reconciliation
  • using a simple majority to pass major legislation
  • keeping filibusters sacrosanct
  • doing away with sweetheart deals
  • cutting secret deals with lobbyists
  • broadcasting the negotiations on C-Span
  • supporting a public option
  • incorporating Republican ideas
  • allowing Republicans in the legislative drafting process
  • giving all Americans the same health care system as Congress
  • posting any bill on the Internet for five days after it was passed before he signed it

I.M. Kane 


Why Revenge Is Necessary

By Quin Hillyer

Every member of Congress who is not a liberal ideologue or from a wildly leftist district who voted for Obamacare on Sunday should be haunted and hounded by and for their vote for as long as they draw breath upon this good Earth. And the same is true for every liberal ideologue who actively crafted and pushed the corrupt and unrepublican (small “r”) procedures and flagrant lies that were used to cram Obamacare up our gullets from the nether end of our common polity.

Before we consider the proper shape and degree of the hounding and haunting, let us be reminded of why this legislation is an atrocity of epic proportions.

Let us start with all the lies that Barack Obama told or the promises that he broke, each one of which will damage our way of life as the falsehood is made manifest in law.

This president, this sinister creature of Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, of Indonesian sojourns and Columbia University radical salons, campaigned vociferously against Hillary Clinton’s call for an individual mandate for health insurance. Now the individual mandate is the centerpiece of Obamacare.

Obama promised that he would never, ever raise taxes on individuals making under $200,000 or couples under $250,000. This legislation breaks that promise.

Obama said the bill would not provide public funding of abortions. It does provide such funding.

He said it would cause average premiums to drop by $2,500 annually. Premiums instead will rise. He said he would not tax health-care benefits. This bill does tax them. He said his plan wouldn’t lead to rationing. It actually does far worse than mere rationing: It provides for death panels by proxy.

Obama said that “budget reconciliation” was improper for passing Obamacare. He is using reconciliation. He said that a 51-vote simple majority in the Senate should not suffice for major legislation. He is using a simple majority. He said during the judicial wars that the filibuster should be sacrosanct, but he is trampling over the filibuster. He said he would cut out sweetheart deals, but instead he engaged in a host of such deals. He said he would do all negotiations in the open, and without corrupt lobbyist influence, but instead he cut secret deals (secret at first) with a whoring PhRMA and with other moneyed interests. He said he would air the negotiations on C-Span, but he didn’t. He said he wouldn’t support a “public option,” but he told the lefties in Congress that this would be merely a first step towards a public option. He said he would incorporate Republican ideas, but the final legislation was devoid of all but one minor GOP suggestion. He said Republicans would be welcome at the table, but they instead were almost entirely shut out (except for some early negotiations with Montana’s Sen. Max Baucus) of actual legislative drafting. Instead, they belatedly were afforded only a dog-and-pony show at Blair House where Obama was peevish, where he personally jawboned the GOP (not to mention what he let other Democrats do) for more minutes than the GOP collectively talked, and where he never actually responded to the substance of most Republicans complaints and ideas.

He repeatedly advertised that his bill would give all Americans the same system that Congress enjoys; instead, it actually exempts top lawmakers and staffs from the bill’s requirements. And he promised that he would post any bill on the Internet for five whole days, after congressional passage, before he signed it. But he signed this bill after just 36 hours.

And that’s just a sample of the dishonesty of The One.

Meanwhile, it is hard to blame, on substance, the ideological lefties who really believe in this stuff, or to blame those who represent far-left districts and feel obliged to represent their constituents’ wills. But for every other congressman who voted for Obamacare — all those on the fence on substance, and whose districts are not strongly in favor of it (and indeed usually strongly against it) — what they have done is an affront to the republic and to human decency. And what the congressional leadership did to the lawmaking process is an affront to our system of government.

The mandate to buy health insurance is an abomination. The very thought of a government forcing individuals to buy something the individuals don’t want is anathema. It is abject tyranny. It is manifestly unconstitutional. It is despotic. It is so antithetical to the American tradition as to be unacceptable and invalid. For those reasons, it may well lead to non-violent civil disobedience on a massive scale.

It is worse still that lawmakers would refuse to put themselves or their staffs under the same system it puts the 300-million-strong rest of the hoi polloi. It is worse still that Obamacare’s system of incentives is such that the CBO estimates that four million people will lose their employer-based plans and thus be put in the position of being subject to the unconstitutional mandate. (This, by the way, gives the lie to yet another Obama claim, namely that nobody would lose their insurance if they want to keep it.)

The bill is a job-killer. It puts a mandate on businesses that employ at least 50 workers — which means that thousands upon thousands of firms will cut their official payrolls to 49. It is a taxing atrocity, imposing $569.2 billion in tax hikes. It will especially hurt medical device companies through new taxes and “fees,” putting some out of business and hurting the patients who rely on them for life-saving or life-improving aid. And, to collect all its taxes, it will — it already has begun, in terms of planning — lead to the literally frightening spectacle of the hiring of some 16,500 new IRS agents, making the IRS an enforcement army, with imprisoning authority, on par with the worst of the commissars of the most autocratic czars.

Put this scary influx of IRS commissars together with the 175,000 new members of AmeriCorps now organized officially into “cadres,” and all of a sudden we’re getting within hailing distance of Obama’s threatened “a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the regular military.

It will add trillions more to total government spending, and hundreds of billions (absent budgetary gimmicks) to deficits and debt that will unconscionably burden future generations. It will push individual states closer to bankruptcy by adding an unfunded mandate for expanded Medicaid coverage.

And it was all accomplished by methods so foul as to be a permanent stain upon Congress and the White House. Backroom deals. Railroaded rules. Limited debate. Abuse of reconciliation. Baits and switches. Promises of “deem and pass” in order to gain commitments that otherwise would never come (but that could not be withdrawn once deem-and-pass was abandoned). Threats and intimidation. Union thug tactics. Louisiana Purchases and Cornhusker Kickbacks. Bismarck earmarks and Connecticut con jobs. And funding for three “airports for no reason” in order to purchase the vote of putatively pro-life weasel Bart Stupak.

Meanwhile, passage of Obamacare makes a mockery of the idea that this is government of and by the people. For lawmakers to jam down our throats this monstrosity after elections in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia argued against it, after town hall meetings and Tea Parties and letters and faxes and emails and phone calls by the millions upon millions upon millions, after overwhelming polling opposition that grew and grew and grew, is for them to show that they no longer serve the people but instead aspire to rule them, with an iron fist if necessary. This is a subversion of republican (again, small “r”) ideals so profound as to be Aaron Burr-like. It was made worse by the Democrats changing the rules midstream to appoint a replacement for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Hereditary Dynasty, without which they never would have reached the 60-vote Senate majority to pass the original Senate bill in the first place. And this followed all sorts of legerdemain to finagle the “election” of Al Franken to the Senate from Minnesota, and to secure Arlen Specter’s party switch, and to benefit from an unfair prosecution of Alaska’s Ted Stevens (not the most admirable of characters, but apparently not really a criminal after all).

This whole country was founded on the belief that ends do not justify means, but instead that a careful meshing of constitutional procedures would be the best safeguard against dangerous ends. But the Obama-Pelosi Democrats made their ends, their lust for pure power, overcome every previously acceptable requirement for reasonable, fair, and constitutionally and traditionally approved means. This was an abuse of the democratic process so flagrant as to be Putin-esque. These tactics are quite literally a threat to the republic, and they must be condemned, reversed, and punished.

As to what form that punishment should take, another column will be needed to tackle that issue. Rest assured, though, that the raving atrocity of Obamacare makes punishment of its perpetrators, punishment of the right and legal kind, a moral imperative.

Quin Hillyer is a senior editorial writer at the Washington Times and senior editor of The American Spectator.

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“If there is one way to describe the aura of Detroit, it would be that of hopelessness.”—Steve Crowder

The video below is an example of a state-dependent society after free market principles have been removed.  Steve Crowder blames government bureaucracies and powerful unions for bringing this once great city to its knees. According to Crowder, the promises of Brother O and his Bread and Circuses Administration and those made by Detroit politicians over the last 50 years are almost identical. He contends that Detroit foreshadows what America will look like in a short amount of time.



Detroit in RUINS! (Crowder goes Ghetto)

Once Detroit had highest median household income in the country, but now it’s 66 out of 68 with some the highest crimes rates, unemployment rates, and lowest graduation rates of any U.S. city. The city’s schools get more money per pupil than the average American public school, but only 28 percent of the students graduate; in fact, “a Detroit student has a higher chance of ending up in prison than graduating high school.”

So how does one of the wealthiest cities in America become the foremost example for “white flight, urban blight” in a little less than half a century? The answer in a word is progressivism.

Since Jerome Cavenaugh was elected mayor in 1961, Detroit has been run entirely by leftist mayors. Cavenaugh expanded the role of government to unprecedented levels and using President Lyndon Johnson’s Model Cities Program took the first giant step in central urban planning. The government dumped $400 million in a 9-square-mile radius of Detroit to create the model city for the rest of America to follow.

Leftists always tout their policies as a way to help the poor  and give their fellow man a leg up. Well, now Americans can see just how well those progressive leg-up policies have worked.

Detroit has become America’s poster child for leftist entitlement programs gone awry as well as an essential reminder that the road to hell is not only paved by good intentions but also mortared by progressive policies.

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency.

It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

The republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”—Anonymous 

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