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“We need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out. We need to chase them out of town. But we need to do more than that.  We need to elect conservatives.

“Every single Democrat who voted for this needs to know … that they are going to be exposed and hassled and chased from office.”— Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s Opening Monologue:  “America Hangs By a Thread”


Rush Limbaugh: We need to defeat these bastards 1:44 Video

“We can’t rely on lawsuits to win the day. … [T]he focus has to be on defeating Democrats in November in these midterm elections.  We have the people. We have the intellectual arguments. We have the commonsense arguments. We have history. … We need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out.  We need to chase them out of town.  But we need to do more than that.  We need to elect conservatives.  If there are Republican primaries, elect conservatives and then defeat the Democrats—every last one of them …  We’re going to have to turn out en masse in November and stop these people.  

“As you have seen, the law will not stop them, the Constitution will not stop them, hoping that they will do the right thing will not stop them because their definition of “the right thing” has nothing in common with ours. 

“They must, my friends, be hounded out of office.  Every single Democrat who voted for this needs to know, safe district or not, that they are going to be exposed and hassled and chased from office.  We now have leftist radicals in charge of your health care decisions rather than doctors.”

The “America Hangs By a Thread” transcript is here.


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Rep. Bart Stupak speaking in Cheboygan, MI

The nation’s pro life voters and members of the Michigan Right to Life now understand the meaning of the Russian proverb, “You will know when it happens to you.”

Now the suckers know that Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak is nothing but a party hack and not the man of principle leading the charge to prevent ObamaCare from using tax payer funds for abortion.

Obviously, the one-issue pro life voters haven’t paid much attention to the Democrat Party since its progressive take over in 2006, or they would have seen this coming back in October and avoided the let down.

During an October 23, 2009, town hall meeting in Cheboygan, Michigan, Stupak the Hack told those in attendance, “If I had a chance to vote my conscience I probably would not. I probably would still vote for the health care bill at the end of the day.”

The Democrat told the credulous pro lifers what they wanted to hear only to get elected, but when push came to shove he stepped in line and marched in lock-step to a cadence barked out by his progressive squad leaders.

Now is the time for Americans with ears to remove the wax and get the message: there are no blue-dog Democrats; there are no conservative Democrats; there are only progressive Democrats working feverishly to undermine the Republic to create a one-party Communist state headed by their messianic leader.

Time will tell whether American voters will wise up or remain blind to the wicked intentions of the Democrat Party.

I am incredulous … I am cynical …

I.M. Kane

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I received the following March 18 e-mail message from a Florida Tea Party activist:

It became very clear, at last night’s Tri-County Tea Party meeting, here in Central Florida, that we found our man.  His name is Senator Bob Smith. … [An] 18 year veteran of the US Congress and Senate [from] New Hampshire … [has] come out of retirement [to] run for the Florida US Senate seat against both Charlie Crist & [Mark] Rubio.  … [A]ccording to the US Senate rules, he would be 8th or 9th in line to head one of the 13 standard Senatorial committees.  … if [either of his opponents] were elected, they would go to the end of the line, causing Florida to suffer due to lack of Senatorial leadership. 

We are asking for your help in allowing the citizens of Florida the opportunity to hear the opinions of all 3 of the GOP US Senatorial candidates. We feel that if all 3 candidates are given the opportunity to express their positions on issues, the voting public can intelligently decide for themselves who they would like to elect.

Fox News Network is hosting a debate between Rubio and Charlie Crist on March 28, 2010. … [W]e are not asking for your endorsement. We are asking everyone to contact Fox News, both locally and at their network headquarters, requesting that Senator Bob Smith be included in this debate.

NOTE:  The above e-mail message was condensed and edited for brevity.


“And so a New Soldier has returned to America … But, unlike veterans of other wars … the New Soldier … will not quickly join those who march on Veteran’s Day waving small flags, calling to memory those thousands who died for the greater glory of the United States … will not readily join the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars … [and] will not uphold traditions which decorously memorialize that which was base and grim”—John Kerry

The book cover of John Kerry's The New Soldier mocking the flag-planting scene on Iwo Jima, which cost the lives of 6,825 American soldiers who died planting it.

Bob Smith’s conservative credentials have been suspect since his endorsement of John Kerry for president in ’04. No principled conservative could ever endorse an anti-American, anti-military Democrat the likes of Kerry unless of course he masquerades as a conservative host on talk radio, acts as the token conservative columnist for the NY Times, or plays the conservative pundit at MSNBC. Without a lobotomy, no true conservative would vote for Kerry, much less endorse him.

Knowing Kerry’s lies, fabrications, and outright perjury before the Senate concerning atrocities in Vietnam as well as his ties to leftist radicals Hanoi Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark, it baffles me how a Vietnam veteran like Smith could endorse the man most responsible for the defamation and mistreatment of his comrades who fought in Vietnam.

And why are tea partiers waiting until now to support Smith anyway? If they believe he is the more principled conservative, why weren’t they onboard the bandwagon back in June when Smith announced his candidacy?

With August rapidly approaching, all a Smith surge would do is take votes from Rubio and hand Crist the Republican nomination. Like John McCain, Crist is a proven RINO sellout with “no conservative convictions at all.”

Rubio’s alleged faults should be scrutinized and weighed against Crist’s track record of aligning with the progressive agenda over conservative Republicans, but unless Rubio’s transgressions clearly overshadow Crist’s, they should be ignored until he’s seated in the Senate and then his feet should be held to the fire.

Uninformed Floridians will never learn of Crist’s affiliation with leftist Democrats from leftist rags such as the Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, or Palm Beach Post. As organs of the Democrat Party, they continually carry water for Crist while relentlessly attacking Rubio, which is all too reminiscent of the Washington comPost’s scorched earth tactics in ’08 against George Allen, endless repeating Allen’s macaca moment until it became a mantra in the minds of the uninformed electorate duly programmed to elect Democrat Jim Webb.

Progressives hope to erase any notion of individual liberty and personal freedom from the America’s collective conscious; patriots must unite to defeat their RINO allies in the 2010 primaries or the Republic will cease to exist, and the nation will become a one-party Communist state controlled by a messianic dictator.

The window of opportunity closes after the November 2010 election, so it’s imperative Republicans regain the reins of power in Congress from the Democrat progressives and go on to overthrow Brother O’s Bread and Circuses’ regime after one-term.

Only a Crist mole or a Democrat plant would seek to drive a wedge between conservatives that can only benefit Crist. Most assuredly, if Florida conservatives don’t unite behind Rubio, primary voters will nominate another RINO to run for the Senate, and if elected, will do the bidding of progressive Democrats.

I am flummoxed … I am flabbergasted …

I.M. Kane

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