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The ominous figure who lurks behind the posting of the billboard along I-35 near Wyoming, Minnesota, with the huge photo of former president George W. Bush and the question:  “Miss Me Yet?” remains a cyberspace mystery.

Initially, Internet chatterboxes thought it to be a clever photoshop trick spread by the Web; however, eyewitnesses from the Wyoming area have verified the billboard is real.  

Sources also say there is no ownership plate on the billboard, which makes tracing it to the person or organization who paid to post it difficult, and so the story spirals onward and the mystery lingers … who’s behind the posting of the billboard, and why?

The Internet spiral began when the billboard picture surfaced on a blog, was picked up and posted on an NPR blog, then it was picked up by a couple of national blogs, and now it’s up on the Drudge Report and going viral.

Because no reports have surfaced identifying the person or organization behind the billboard posting, chatterboxes are now calling for crowdsourcing, i.e., ask a wide range of people and organizations on the Internet if they have any information that might help solve the mystery.

The culprit obviously is witty and has a sense of humor, which pretty much rules out anyone connected to or affiliated with the Democrat Party.

I.M. Kane

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