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Who but progressive ideologues, useful idiots, indoctrinated droids, or those whose work it is to point out leftist bias and propaganda would waste time looking for reliable information from the mainstream media? The establishment media’s omission of the Edwards scandal typifies their kinship with leftist politicians and their allegiance to the progressive ideology.

The First Amendment to the Constitution tasks journalists to keep politicians accountable to the people. The gatekeepers have successfully purged all journalists from the ranks of the mainstream media and what remains is something akin to TASS from the former Soviet Union.

America’s mainstream media are an official organ of the Democrat Party and acts like a central clearinghouse to collect, filter, and distribute all national and international news deemed acceptable for the Party’s leftist progressive newspapers, radio stations, and television networks.

I.M. Kane

Byron York writes:

“Two weeks before the 2008 Iowa caucuses, the National Enquirer published a detailed story reporting that Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards had had an affair, and that the woman involved, campaign videographer Rielle Hunter, was pregnant, and that Edwards had arranged for an aide to falsely claim to be the father, and that Hunter and the aide and the aide’s family were being taken care of financially by a wealthy Edwards backer.

“At the time, Edwards was a real contender in the Democratic presidential race, so when the Enquirer story was published, the Edwards camp prepared for what some believed would be an onslaught of media scrutiny. But it didn’t come. At the time, Edwards thought he had outsmarted the watchdogs of the press, frustrating their best attempts to uncover the story. But it later turned out that many journalists just didn’t want to report the news and hadn’t tried very hard to uncover the facts….

“The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the broadcast networks and the cable news outlets — none reported the story….

“An explosive scandal had been kept out of the press for months at a time when the man at the center of it was an important player in national politics. Why? [Andrew] Young [a former Edwards aide and confidant] thought it was because the Edwards camp so tightly controlled information that journalists weren’t able to find sources … Perhaps that was part of it. But the fact was, many editors and reporters just didn’t want to tell the story….

“Of course, in the end the story came out anyway. But only after the sheer weight of Edwards’ corruption made the facts impossible to ignore.”

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Florida GOP Senate: Rubio 49%, Crist 37%

Former state House Speaker Marco Rubio now has a 12-point lead (49% to 37%) over RINO Governor Charlie Crist in Florida’s Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate.

Three percent (3%) prefer another candidate, and 11% are undecided.

Crist was the strong favorite when he first announced for the Senate seat, and Rubio was viewed as a long-shot challenger. But the RINO’s support dropped from 53% in August to 49% in October and by December, the men were tied at 43%.

Rubio’s lead among men is 17 points and 7 among women. He also carries 52% of the conservatives, while Republicans who favor progressive polices prefer Crist.

Now if Arizonans would only follow suit and toss out McCain, the nation would be on track to restore its heritage.

I.M. Kane

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