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On Larry King Live, Texas Congressman Ron Paul said that the soldiers of Allah from the religion-of-peace are “terrorists because we’re occupiers!” He went on to say that Omar Abdulmutallab’s failed attack on the Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day was retaliation for the for the U.S. airstrike against al Qaeda in Yemen December 17.

However, Jake Tapper’s report contradicts Paul’s retaliation claim. According to Tapper, Abdulmutallab was in the field long before December 17, had been in Yemen for months, and had purchased his plane ticket in Ghana the day before the Yemen airstrike.

Obviously Paul doesn’t think that religious zealotry and jihad have much to do with al Qaeda terrorism. He seems to regard America and the West as the oppressors and al Qaeda as the freedom fighters, who want only to remove American and Western influence from the Arab world, push Israel into the sea, unify the Arab/Islamic base under an Islamic caliphate, and convert the world to Islam.

No big deal if Ronnie and the Ronuts vie to shape American foreign policy. Al Qaeda is nothing more than an ambitious religious lot with lofty goals. Move along now.

I.M. Kane


Ron Paul “They’re Terrorist Because We’re Occupiers!”

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