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America’s indoctrinated ingrates voted for an unknown novice whose most influential friends and allies are raving lunatics, American terrorists, and avowed Marxists.


What’s Next for Oprah?  President?  UN Secretary General? -and- WHY are we consumed by meaningless Speculation

By MrArbitrage

Just a day after Oprah Winfrey announcing that she will be ending her talk show,  we are already being overloaded by columns and news reports speculating on “Oprah’s next move”.  I think she’s going to enjoy the attention from this PR stunt immensely. I can see it spinning out of control already and I’m not looking forward to listening to the speculation propounded ad nauseam by media pundits over the coming months. It’s on par to be bigger and more vexing than “who shot JR?”.

Some, like Jon Friedman of Marketwatch.com are speculating that she may run for President.  To that theory, a Marketwatch reader commented “OPRAH will NEVER be president!!! AT BEST, she will be a senator Or a chief of Staff for someone and even THAT is pushing it!!   You can say that Jon & Kate plus 8 have the same chance at it as she does.”

Under the old rules, I would have to wholeheartedly agree with that comment.  But you have to realize that many of the indoctrinated ingrates who make up this voting generation – elected not only a political novice – but one about whose past we know very little except that which he chose to tell us in his own books – without any verification or fact checking by the media sycophants.

This misplaced and clueless youth, those age 30 and under, 4 out of 5 which voted for Obama – voted for an unknown novice whose most influential friends and allies are raving lunatics like Reverend Wright, homegrown, American terrorists like Bill Ayers along with the other avowed Marxists who make up his cabinet and “Czar” appointments.

As I wrote at OurHussein.com on February 3, 2009 – “it is as though we are watching a “B” quality horror film unfold before our eyes. I say “B” rated because the plot is so obvious from the foreshadowing. IF it were a film, the viewers would watch with disdain because to accept the notion that the characters would be credulous enough to fall for this nonsense would require an excessive suspension of disbelief by the viewers. For instance, when in human history has it ever brought a positive outcome when any nation surrendered all rational thinking for a charismatic individual, so able to persuade and to charm millions of people to the point of emotional intoxication?

How many times in human history has such a person been given the highest position of political power? We’ve seen what has resulted when it happened in other countries throughout history; how has that usually ended? The more frightening question is – when has this ever happened in the most powerful nation of the world? Never.

Of the 300 million Americans, what are the odds that voters in the United States of America would elect a President about whom they know very little, who would have difficulty obtaining security clearance in many classified areas of government as a civilian and who happened to have the middle name of HUSSEIN – the name of one of the most infamous Arab dictators of the 20th century, the very one we just REMOVED and who was executed for crimes against humanity?

I am no statistician but the odds of this guy coming out of nowhere and being elected President – at this time especially – must be incalculable – unless it were written in the script. If this were a “B” movie, I would have to say that this was a bad rendition of the Manchurian Candidate and that the people in this country are -begging- for destruction. If it was “written in the script” – this must be a horror film about a nation of narcissistic fools who have tempted God one too many times, a nation of people who have been given over to a depraved mind and are being allowed to destroy themselves.”

That is the danger of an intoxicating orator like Obama. Throughout his campaign and inauguration he tried to equate himself to the venerable President Lincoln but there are many critical differences:  Lincoln in his first inaugural address emphasized the sanctity of human life as the key difference between opposing sides.  Lincoln said “Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.”  President Lincoln appealed directly to the Almighty God, Jesus Christ and to the “better Angels of our nature”. 

President Obama is actually the Anti-Lincoln in that he believes a human being CAN be the property of another human being, giving a women the right to take a life simply because she believes the baby is her “property”.  Barack Obama, unlike Lincoln has stated that we are NOT a Christian nation.  Directly opposed to the fundamental beliefs that made Lincoln great, Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything he can to DIVIDE AND DESTROY the union .  Not ironically, the casuistry and rhetoric of Barack Obama actually appeals to the fallen Angels of our Nature.

Back to the contention regarding a potential “Oprah presidency”; if this were 15 years ago, I would have been much more comfortable making the statement that certain people, including Oprah would “never be elected president”. But unfortunately, with this generation of ignorant, brainwashed narcissists who couldn’t even tell you who the Vice President of the United States is, it seems we are looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. These kids, as a result of bad parenting and public inculcation have been easily convinced that their plight in this blessed nation is akin to that of the early 20th century Bolsheviks. Hence, anything is possible.  The axioms of old cannot be counted upon any longer.

As for the question of “what will Oprah do next”?  How about we cut this off at the pass and save ourselves from the demeaning, meaningless speculation? Let’s stop being insipid, resist the temptation and focus on the important things such as the treason being committed against the United States of America by our elected scoundrels.

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