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“The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is an objective law independent of man’s will. However much reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of history, sooner or later revolution will take place and will inevitably triumph.”—Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) Speech at the Meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution (June 11, 1957).

In this 3:05 video excerpt aired on Glenn Beck on the Fox News Channel, Brother O’s Cabinet Member Anita Dunn tells high school students in June 2008 that her two “favorite political philosophers” are Communist Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung and Mother Teresa.

Dunn’s mental gymnastics are quite interesting to say the least. Mother Teresa is internationally famous for her humanitarianism and advocacy for the poor and downtrodden, and Mao is internationally infamous for his draconian political policies and purges that caused the deaths of tens of millions of people.

Only an expanded and slightly warped mind could synthesize these polar opposites.

Obama Cabinet Member Anita Dunn: Mao Tse Tung “Favorite Philosopher”

“The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.”Mao Tse-tung

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Lord Christopher Monckton has issued a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty, scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen this December. The 4:23 video is an excerpt of the warning from his October 14 keynote speech on the global warming myth at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?

To support his argument, Monckton points to the Draft of United Nations Climate Change Treaty, which contains information about forming the new world government on page 18: Section 38 “Share vision for long-term cooperation action plan” and for enforcement and establishment of the rule of law on page 40: Section 46 Subsection H of the “Objectives, scope, and guiding principles.”

Monckton is concerned that the Copenhagen Treaty would supersede the US Constitution and cede US sovereignty to the UN. In the 1950s, the Bricker Amendment was proposed to assuage such fears, but it did not pass.

Monckton has repeatedly challenged Algore to a global warming aka climate change debate, but Algore won’t accept the challenge. Monckton sued to stop Algore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” from being shown in British schools due to its inaccuracies. The judge agreed with Monckton and ordered the film to be corrected.

Monckton had worked as a policy adviser for Margaret Thatcher. He now travels world educating the public about the myth of global warming.

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