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What irony! Warren Ballentine, a black radio talk show host, debates Juan Williams on The O’Reilly Factor about whether Rush Limbaugh has made racial remarks, and he casts a parting racial slur to demean a Williams for daring to defend Limbaugh. At the end of the debate Ballentine tells Williams, “It’s okay, you can go back to the porch Juan.” According to Williams, Ballentine’s comment was a cheap shot and is code for calling him an “Uncle Tom,” a “house negro,” or a tool of slave owners.

Bill O’Reilly, Juan Williams, and Warren Ballentine Debate Limbaugh

Following Ballentine’s racial slur on Thursday night, Juan Williams hosts The O’Reilly Factor on Friday night and strikes back delving further into the Limbaugh NFL situation. Obviously, it’s not derogatory for leftist blacks to drop demeaning comments or racial slurs as long as they’re defending the statist’s politically correct view point.

Williams points out that when black men dare to side with conservatives and say that leftist criticisms are false or illegitimate, they become the target of attacks and are branded as bootlicking house slaves and sell-outs to their race.

In the interview, former NFL player the Reverend Ken Hutcherson, Ph.D said that Ballentine’s comment “was one of the most racist statements you can get. The man just flat out called you a house negro and I don’t know if white America understands what kind of a derogatory statement that was.” Later, when Tammy Bruce joins the discussion she asks if it is acceptable to use power to destroy people with a differing opinion for any reason. “[I]t’s one thing to have an opinion, to voice it in an aggressive manner, but it’s quite another to make an effort to destroy people and to send a message to other people if you do this we’re going to hurt you too.”

Juan Williams Takes On  the Rush Limbaugh Controversy

The commentary below discusses how the Ballentine/Williams incident reflects an effort to isolate blacks for having a different point of view and to demonize those who do not conform.

I.M. Kane


Warren Ballentine, Field Slave Insults Juan Williams, Fox

There is a rather strict code in the African American community that one does not talk down about another African American in “mixed company.” “Mixed company” is code for “white people.” Warren Ballentine is familiar with this code, but chose to break the code during a televised discussion on Fox News the other day with Juan Williams. Ballentine broke the code simply because Williams shares a different view than his and is not batting for the same team. To make matters worse, a field slave who ascribes to plantation politics is bragging about it on over the internet.

There is also the long-standing problem within the black community that African Americans who are Democrats have no tolerance for African Americans who are not. In their views, one is either Democrat or Republican. I have no idea whether Williams is a Democrat, Republican or whatever, nor do I think it should matter. However, in the African American community, you are either with them or against them. This is the divide and conquer mentality created by the Democrats, the makers of plantation politics and it has worked extremely well for over five decades now. Warren Ballentine who thinks he knows better is a victim to this divide and conquer mentality.

I am not perturbed with Ballentine for breaking code, but I am angry about Ballentine’s racist remarks to Williams and the fact that he is ignorant enough to think that he did something of which he should be proud. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is he doing? The Democrat’s dirty work, which is sure to keep this country separate. Of course, field slaves have been trained so well, that they could never see their undoing and how they are being played. What Ballentine said is the equivalent of using the “n” word; therefore, Ballentine is no different from the lowest racist.

Ballentine, a product of plantation politics so representative of Democrats and the Obama administration owes Williams an apology. Of course, he won’t apologize, which is also representative of liberals and the Obama administration.

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