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Baucus Bill Would Be the Most Extreme Change to Medicare Ever

The Senate Finance Committee bill (a.k.a. the Baucus bill) would limit what doctors can do for Medicare patients and rob the elderly to cover the uninsured.  The bill would cut funding for Medicare by $500 billion over the next ten years at a time when 30 percent more people enter the program.

The bill would give the Secretary of Health and Human Services power to define quality, cost-effective care for medical conditions and punish doctors who spend more on their patients, which would interfere in doctors’ treatment decisions and lower the quality of care.

The government would use a new system of computer-guided medicine (a.k.a. embedded clinical-decision support) to reduce costs and administer tighter controls on doctors administering care.

If enacted, the Baucus bill would not only tie doctors’ hands in treating the elderly, but it would also eliminate care for patients who are capable of surviving their illness and going on with life.

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