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A Demonstration of Media Hypocrisy

Political commentators for MSNBC are now accusing conservative TV and radio hosts of inciting uninformed white Americans to assassinate political leaders. The media meme suggests that the Tea Party and Town Hall protesters’ placards and rhetoric likening Brother O to Hitler is an implicit or a coded call to incite violence against him.

The anti-government, anti-Brother O sentiment expressed by some of the protesters has caused two progressive propagandists to demonstrate their overt hypocrisy. Jolly old Chris “Tingle” Matthews notified talk radio hosts that they would be held accountable for any violence that happens to Brother O. 

In Rachel’s “Mad Mad Mad” Maddow world the right-wing media and the corporate-funded anti-reform movement are invoking political assassination by deliberately and systematically using Hitler as a rhetorical weapon against Brother O and the progressive Democrats in Congress.

Mad Maddow says she’s afraid that the right-wingers don’t understand the implications of their actions and is even more afraid that they do.

If MSNBC’s Chris Tingle and the stark raving mad Maddow are really concerned for Brother O’s well being, why didn’t these political commentators alert Americans to the dangers of the Nazi slogans, Hitler placards, and vituperative language when members of leftist groups used them to demonize George W. Bush and his administration?

Better yet, how would the two peas account for their anti-Bush rhetoric had a leftist “looneytune” “fruitloop” committed a violent act against Bush? Would political commentators have held them responsible for complicity and for unleashing anti-democratic, anti-American forces in this country?

Paul Williams has pieced together a video montage exposing the blatant hypocrisy of leftists’ Chris Tingle and mad Maddow. Williams uses the audio portion of a mad Maddow interview, in which she asks Frank Schaeffer whether or not calling Brother O Hitler is an implicit call for politically motivated violence.

Williams overlays the audio portion with video snippets of demonstrations that occurred when George W. Bush was president; the end result is quite revealing.

The hypocrisy of Chris Tingle, mad Maddow, and Frank Schaeffer is rivaled only by Seth Pecksniff, a character Charles Dickens likened to a sign post, “which is always telling the way to a place, and never goes there.”

I.M. Kane

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