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(HT – Joe)

The following 4:06 video is a solemn tribute to the land of the free and the home of the brave. The video is the result of a collaborative effort between an Alabama mom, who was organizing a commercial for a TEA Party, and her high school age son. The video is a stark reminder that freedom is not free, for it was purchased with the courage, resolve, and blood of millions of Americans.

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This 2:46 video by Political Math—the same guy who used pennies to illustrate Brother O’s reckless budget cuts—now portrays a pedal-to-the-metal increase in deficit spending in terms of speed and distance for a road trip.  PM answers the following questions:  How does Brother O’s deficit spending compare with previous presidents? Which party spends less when it controls both the presidency and the Congress? (HT – Harris Sherline)

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