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In a disturbing 7:07 Brietbart TV raw video, a female police officer twists the arm of 84-year-old Virginia Dodson, and body slams her to the pavement to get a knife away from her. The elderly woman was carrying a Walmart bag and walking with a cane when the officer took her down outside a Whitehall, Ohio, Wal-Mart store.

According to reports, the old woman had been strapped in a seatbelt and left alone in the car by her daughter, when she suffered an Alzheimer’s-related dementia attack and used a steak knife to cut herself free from the seatbelt.

The old woman’s daughter said she left her mother in the car to run into Walmart to buy an item her mother needed and “was not concerned because she wasn’t going to be long and her mother doesn’t know how to open seatbelts.”

The old woman was walking around, disoriented, and holding the knife looking for her daughter in the parking lot when the police arrived at the scene. As reported by NBC 4’s Mike Bowersock, “she told strangers she would cut them and already had cut herself.”

A retired police officer who commented on the video wrote, “I can almost guarantee it was the result of a new or fairly new officer having been indoctrinated with training that emphasizes safety procedures without concern for practical judgment. In a sane world that old woman would simply have been disarmed while she was standing up. Teach all the personal safety procedures you want, but the ability to make common-sense judgments is a pre-requisite for the job.” [emphasis mine]

Dr. Richard Weinblatt, who is the director of the Institute for Public Safety at the Central Ohio Technical College in Licking County and is often quoted on police-force affairs, said the officer acted appropriately.

“It’s not pretty, but when we’re looking at what could ultimately happen in that situation, the age can’t really be a big factor, Weinblatt said. “It’s a public relations nightmare in some ways, but the officer did what she had to do,” he added. 

Dotson’s daughter said her mother needed stitches for her wounds and may have broken her hand.

Dotson has not been charged with any crime. [The PR nightmare, you see]

For many conservatives, the police and the U.S. Military are never wrong, which is an area where my politically conservative brethren and I part company.  The retired police officer who commented on the incident is 100 percent correct.  Obviously, the cops lacked common sense and used excessive force unnecessarily.  

How would Dr. Oft-quoted on police-force affairs respond if an officer had injured his mother in an unnecessary take-down?

I bet it wouldn’t be pretty.

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