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I have reasons for not supporting Michelle Malkin, but I must applaud excellence when I see it. Malkin is as sharp as a tack as both The View’s Bray-haw and Today’s metrosexual have discovered; she fought in their lair, and they were clearly overmatched and unprepared for the battle.

Malkin whipped the befuddled idiots with facts and logic with the mastery and skill of an expert lion tamer.  She was buzzing like a bee around a hive and hit them so hard their kids will be born dizzy

She appeared on both shows to hawk her latest book, Culture of Corruption, which is about race baiting, cronyism, and corruption in the Brother O Bread and Circuses Administration.  Malkin also is scheduled to be interviewed this Sunday by This Week metrosexual Steppin’-all-over-us.

Follow the links for the 3:58 Today Show interview and The View’s 7:30 interrogation.

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In the 1:52 video SHOCK UNCOVERED: OBAMA IN HIS OWN WORDS uncovered by NAKED EMPEROR NEWS, Brother O is shown trapped by his own words saying his Health Care Plan will eliminate private insurance.  The video also shows Barney Frank and Jan Schakowsky admitting that the public option will put the private insurance industry out of business. 

Damn technology! How can any indecent, self-loathing, dishonorable liar lie with impunity when there are so many mediums to snare him in his own words? 

Look at what’s been done! Who would have thought youtube could destroy such beautiful wickedness? Oh, what a world! What a world!

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