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ObamaCare:  Soylent Green

By Nancy Matthis 

Infanticide and euthanasia for less viable paying citizens will save costs. Twelve million illegal aliens will receive coverage. Restrictive compliance laws will eventually force private insurers out of business. Within five years everyone will be dependent on the federal government for their right to live (or, in some cases, their obligation to die). The administrative and expense burden will destroy small businesses. Doctors will be too snarled in red tape to deliver good service. Hospitals will also face a bureaucratic reporting nightmare. No one can refuse to enroll: the IRS will levy a 2.5% tax on personal gross income to pay their share. That’s the bottom line in Obama’s Hitleresque socialized health care plan.

Before Obama was elected, Illinois nurse Jill Stanek exposed his support for infanticide. Several sources reported the details of his four distinct votes supporting infanticide:

Illinois Senate Bill 1095, Born Alive Infant Protection Act — Voted NO in the Senate Judiciary Committee, March 27, 2001

Illinois Senate Bill 1662, Born Alive Infant Protection Act — Voted NO in the Senate Judiciary Committee, March 5, 2002

Illinois Senate Bill 1662, Born Alive Infant Protection Act — Voted NO on the Senate floor, April 4, 2002

Illinois Senate Bill 1082, Born Alive Infant Protection Act — Voted NO in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, March 12, 2003

But the voters of the United States elected Obama anyway.

Now the older demographic among them may have to pay an unexpected price for their folly. The health care bill provides for mandatory euthanasia counseling for senior citizens every five years AND whenever they receive a diagnosis of terminal illness (page 425, House version of the bill — H.R.3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009). First to sound the alarm was patient advocate Betsy McCaughey, founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths and a former lieutenant governor of New York. You can listen to her interivew on the Fred Thompson Show here.

Keith A. Fournier is a Catholic Deacon of the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia, a noted human rights lawyer and long time public policy activist. He comments on the lethal potential of the health care bill:

Is Euthanasia Included in National ‘Health Care’ Reform?

….Will this National “Health Care” Plan encourage our elderly to take their own lives rather than somehow become a “drain” on the rest of us? Will it withhold medical care from them based upon a bureaucrat’s decision regarding so called “quality of life” issues? Will it encourage the rationing of medical services? Will it counsel the withdrawal of nutrition and hydration in order to expedite their death? In short, is Euthanasia included in this National ‘Health Care’ Reform?

The more I have looked at the proposals the more it seems not only possible, but probable. After all, when the foundational understanding of the dignity of every human person is removed from our approach to health care in the spring of life, with the acceptance of the killing of innocent children in the womb being considered as a “health service”, it is profanely consistent to see the same approach applied in the winter of life….

But we are not just talking about those very near the end of life. The specific wording in the bill is:

….if there is a significant change in the health condition of the individual, including diagnosis of a chronic, progressive, life-limiting disease, a life-threatening or terminal diagnosis or life-threatening injury, or upon admission to a skilled nursing facility, a long-term care facility (as defined by the Secretary), or a hospice program.

Just a “life-limiting” disease is enough to trigger the state’s interest in you. Down’s Syndrome? Muscular dystrophy? Alzheimer’s? Senile dementia? You could be encouraged to “go home” early.

But even if you are in fairly good shape, and you are past middle age, you have cause for concern. See TITLE IV–QUALITY: Subtitle A–Comparative Effectiveness Research. “Comparative Effectiveness Research” means that they will take the cost of your proposed treatment and divide that by the remaining years of your statistical life expectancy. If your per-year life cost exceeds the state-mandated threshhold, you won’t get the health care. Are you a military veteran over 59 who risked everything for your country? No heart by-pass surgery for you, you expensive old goat!

That will save big bucks for little Pedro, whose parents came here illegally to partake of your largesse. And as for the 12 million illegals who will be getting the services you are forfeiting, the health care bill also provides for using more of your tax money for translation services, so that those who speak no English can be fully informed how to take maximum advantage of the system that they did not pay for.

At the end of the film Soylent Green, the hero discovers that the corpses of government assisted suicides are being recycled into food wafers for the remaining viable population. His last words at the end of the film are appropriate for this pending legislation:

“We’ve got to stop them somehow!”

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