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Crowder’s video should be titled, “Don’t get sick in Canada,” the land of long waits and service rationing.  Consider also that ‘universal health care’ is even worse than the video depicts. People do die waiting for surgery, or undergo the surgery after it’s too late to save them. 

Bear in mind that Canada has only 34 million people while the US has 330 million. Think Federal gridlock:  doctor shortages causing rural clinics and hospital closings forcing residents to travel for hours to the nearest facility only to discover that it is not in their billing area and they must go to the one in the proper jurisdiction for services. Around it goes … the circuitous futility of biological existence … a million rules, a million problems for each one. 

How is it that something so heavily taxed is considered “free” by so many Americans?  Canada’s costs for their single-payer health-care system are exorbitant, and the care is second-rate.  So why do Obama and the progressives think they can succeed where other countries with lesser populations have failed? Perhaps they know they won’t succeed. Why else would they make special exemptions for politicians, government workers, and select union workers from their health care plan?   

The progressive elitists use their media propagandists to spin an illogical healthcare fantasy to appease useful idiots and the terminally stupid. Promises of unlimited, free, high quality health care can never be fulfilled in the real world. Why then do Obama and the progressives want to implement a system they know will fail?  Perhaps they’re doing it for the same reason they pushed passage of the Waxman-Markey climate bill, to bring about “global governance.”


I.M. Kane

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