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A Call to Muster

By Jerry A. Kane

Obama’s rapidly implemented progressive socialism is stealing our freedoms, even as we celebrate their birth.

Fritz Gerlich, a journalist who warned the German people of the dangers of Adolf Hitler in the early 1930s, wrote, “the worst thing we can do, the absolute worst, is to do nothing.” 

For too long now, many Americans have been sitting idle, listening to their radios, watching their TVs, allowing their favorite personalities and celebrities to articulate their rage and do their thinking for them.  They have been cajoled to bide their time, be non-combative, and let the talking head opinion makers plead their cause over the airwaves. 
But now Americans must decide whether to remain passive and docile or take a stand for their founding principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government and fight against progressive socialist governance.

The lesson to be learned from the recent success of the progressives is that is they view politics as war, and if freedom, liberty loving Americans don’t begin to view politics the same way, they will lose their freedoms and liberties as well as the country that has been, since its inception, the beacon of hope for freedom-loving people throughout the world.

America’s president is not dangerous because he’s a black, inexperienced junior Democrat Senator from Illinois who has skyrocketed to the pinnacle of world power; no, he’s dangerous because he’s a progressive ideologue, hell-bent on making the United States into a union of Socialist Republics

Simply put, socialism is a totalitarian system that controls a nation’s production and distribution of goods through a centralized government, which plans and controls its economy. To complete the transition to socialism, Obama has been appointing dictators or czars and turning elected representatives into rulers, using their power to distribute the nation’s wealth to their political allies and cronies. 

Recently on the House floor, Representative Michele Bachmann (Minnesota Republican) mentioned an article she had read about a constituent who had contacted Representative Barney Frank (Massachusetts Democrat) for help to get a dealership reopened. Frank was able to administer the strong-arm tactics and string pulling because he knew the right people and had the right connections.

In Bachmann’s words, “We now have a total Gangster Government!  They don’t even pretend anymore.  It’s total, in-your-face cronyism….The Federal Government has set up a new cartel, and private businesses now have to go begging with their hand out to their … Congressman or their Senator so they can buy a peace offering for that local business…. No business is safe when you see the administration appoint … over 20 czars….We now have an imperial presidency where the President has appointed various czars reporting directly to him.”

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, a completed transition to socialism is the “change” that Obama promised to bring, and from the outset of his coronation back in January, the Bread and Circuses Salvation Sideshow Administration has been working at breakneck speed remaking America. 

Back in May, the Republican National Committee (RNC) passed a resolution accusing Brother O’s Administration of “proposing, passing, and implementing Socialist programs through federal legislation” and of pushing the country “towards European-style Socialism and government control.” It’s hard to believe, but it looks like an actual spine is beginning to form in the elephant.

Think about what has transpired in our nation. Four years ago the Democrat Party was in disarray after failing to win the White House and Congress even though George Soros and the Hollywood leftists contributed record amounts of money.  Following their 2004 defeat, Soros and his wealthy cohorts formed a secret donors’ collaborative, the Democracy Alliance, to elect Democrats and to permanently realign politics in America.  They created a permanent political infrastructure by funding nonprofit think tanks, media outlets, leadership schools, and activist groups to confront, combat, and destroy the conservative movement. Soros and his colleagues funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to favored leftist nonprofit organizations, ensuring their control over the Democrat Party and the progressive movement.

The Democracy Alliance helped change Democrat fortunes, and they went on to defeat Republicans in 2006 and again in 2008. The Democracy Alliance currently has chapters in 19 states, and bankrolls the “Secretary of State Project” which has helped elect Secretaries of State in nine states, including Minnesota, where the Secretary of State, ACORN, and vote fraud played significant roles in stealing Coleman’s Senate seat for Stewart Smalley, a.k.a. Al Franken.  Talk about a state of bi-polar people; first they bless our House with Michelle Bachmann, and then curse the Senate with Al Franken.  Then again, it’s unlikely a curse will produce an effect on such an accursed body.

When I consider what must be done to save America from progressive socialist governance, I am reminded of a scene from the movie The Matrix.  Shortly after Neo is freed from his bio-pod canister he asks Morpheus why his eyes hurt.  In a rather nonchalant way Morpheus tells him it’s because he’s never used them before.

Americans whose eyes are open are witnessing a fundamental reshaping of their country, with the potential to definitively mark the end of personal freedom and individual liberty and give rise to a collective fascism. 

With such dire consequences ahead, I offer Colonel Bull Simons‘ prescient reminder, “History teaches that when you become indifferent and lose the will to fight, someone who has the will to fight will take over.”

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