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Okay boys and girls, what we have here in the following story is failure to understand genuine tolerance.  Herbert Marcuse, member of the Frankfurt School and “the father of the New Left in the United States,” created the doublethink notion of repressive tolerance.  The New Left patriarch argues that genuine tolerance does not tolerate support for repression because repression keeps marginalized voices from being heard.  According to Marcuse, to tolerate repressive speech is not genuine tolerance; it’s “inauthentic.”

Teacher fired for conservative website

Pete Chagnon



Kansas teacher says he was wrongfully terminated for his conservative views.

Tim Latham has been teaching history and U.S. Government for over 19 years. But after teaching for just one year in the Lawrence School District in Lawrence, Kansas, Latham says his contract was not renewed because school officials did not like his conservative views — particularly a teacher website that Latham hosted and paid for himself. A teacher coach confronted him on that issue.

“She had concerns about it. I’ve never had a complaint about it — nothing but compliments. Parents love it because of their access to assignments, grades, etc. And she wanted a lot of the stuff that was on it removed. And when I asked why, I was told because it was too patriotic.”

Latham had an introductory video on the site where he stated that he wanted students to truly love the American way of life, and he says he was told to remove that as well because not everybody loves the American way of life. According to Latham, other complaints included that he was picking on Obama too much. When he asked for an explanation as to why his contract was not renewed he was told, “You refuse to conform” and “you just don’t fit in.”

“Those are word-for-word quotes given to me by the director of human resources, who says he is quoting what the administration told him — I refuse to conform and I just don’t fit in,” Latham notes.

He has since filed a grievance and is considering litigation if he does not get a satisfactory response.

When Marcusian doublethink is applied to the firing of the Kansas teacher, the administration’s obvious intolerance for the teacher’s opposing views is not really an act of intolerance; it is actually an act of authentic, genuine tolerance because the administration’s seemingly intolerant action keeps the teacher’s “repressive” intolerance from being voiced.  Understand?  

To learn about the monstrous effects of the Frankfurt School on American society and to better understand why I refer to your president as Brother O and his administration as the Bread and Circuses Salvation Sideshow, see the lengthily article at http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2144382/replies?c=1.

I.M. Kane  


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