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America Has Been Left in the Custody of Trolls

“Water, water everywhere nor any drop” that won’t be controlled by the progressives in Washington, DC.  Your Big Brother in Washington, who decrees what’s best for all Americans, now wants to “clarify the jurisdiction of the United States over [all] waters of the United States.”  Isn’t that special? 

Democrat Russell Feingold’s draconian measure would not just give Congress power to dictate what a farmer can do with a duck pond or cistern, it would regulate water used by all Americans for drinking, cooking, bathing, and home gardening.  Finegold’s bill, combined with the recent Food Safety Modernization Act, would mean that Americans will eat and drink at the pleasure of the government.

For more information, see the article, “Fed Moves to Control All the Water in the US” by Nancy Matthis at http://frontpage.americandaughter.com/?p=2306.

I.M. Kane

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