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Escape Artists

By Jerry A. Kane


Bend your ears boys and girls for one of Baron von Münch-Kane’s s once-spun yarns and twice-told tales.  


Once upon a time America had enough sane people who realized that the captured Islamic terrorists who wanted to murder them and destroy their country must be kept from their shores at an island prison guarded by the U.S. military.  Unfortunately, too many reasonably sane Americans stopped taking their medications November 4, 2008, and elected a leftist ideologue president, LIP for short.  


As one of his first acts in office, the LIP announced the island prison, at the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp, a.k.a. GITMO, would be closed in a year.  However, the LIP neglected to mention just where those detained Islamic terrorists would go.  After the November election, the LIP sent up a trial balloon proposing South Carolina as a place to house those captured terrorists yearning for murder, mayhem, and the blowing to smithereens of schools, shopping malls, and night clubs.  The deafening silence from leftist Democrats was a stamp of approval for the South Carolina idea; after all, Red-staters are rightly expendable when it comes to the left’s big blue-marble worldview. 


Pennsylvania’s Cracker-Jack Congressman John, the Con-man, Murtha, was more than willing to offer up his “racist-redneck“district to house the GITMO prisoners.   Con-man John said he’d “take ’em” and “handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners,” given that the Cracker-Jack Congressman viewed captured terrorists as “no more dangerous in [his] district than in Guantanamo.”  And of course, a district chockfull of racist rednecks is rightly expendable from the left’s big blue-marble worldview.


But now the LIP has another location in mind for the captured terrorists, and the wails of outrage and indignation have ensued.  A senior Justice Department official in the LIP’s administration has suggested Alexandria, Virginia, as a prime location to house some of GITMO’s 240 detainees.  The new location has caused an outcry among the local leftist Democrats in Alexandria, who for obvious reasons, find it much easier to impose their crap-laden ideas than to shoulder such idiocy themselves.  The LIP’s ideologically leftist constituency, whose peeps of protest were not heard above the din of muted silence when South Carolina was the proposed site, became “absolutely opposed,” would “do everything in [their] power“ to stop it, and demanded that “someone else have it.“


Deceit and hypocrisy appear to be the modus operandi of leftist ideologues.  When it came down to protecting the environment or reducing his home’s energy consumption, Clinton toady Algore did what any good leftist ideologue would do, he used more energy and continued promoting environmental diligence as a means “to line his pockets and enhance his profile.” 


In another example, Time magazine “hero of the planet,” Robert Kennedy Jr., and his faithful uncle companion,  Senator Ted Kennedy, used some behind-the-scenes Hyannis Port muscle to stop development of America’s first offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound, all the while endorsing wind power as a viable energy alternative and denouncing President George W. Bush for destroying the environment.   


The lesson to learn from this tale is not that the leftist ideologues personify phonies and hypocrites but that they forgo scrutiny and escape accountability for their deceitfulness and hypocrisy, and therein lies the rub boys and girls.

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